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9Gag is a very popular website to share memes and funny images.

Gags consist of images (and sometimes YouTube videos) that are usually accompanied by text boxes that work as a short comment or description of the gag. The content and themes of these usually show memes from the internet world Cartoon Memes, characters and personalities, designs that show day-to-day activities with humorous touches, jokes regarding some stereotypes associated with men, women, politicians and many more, reviews of certain artists and actors, parodies, satires, short stories (both sad and happy), comments on some events and even some calling for the solidarity of the “9GAG” community for some cause.

The page is, with some changes, similar in its presentation to that of a blog, where the posts are called “gags” (joke in English). The name of this web page came from the fact that nine gags per page were shown at the time . As of February 6, 2012 there was a general change where gags are displayed in groups of 110 per page.

Any registered user can upload gags to the page. Once on the server, these images can be voted on in the “Fresh” section of the site. If it receives enough upvotes, the image is moved to a section called “Trending,” from where it can be moved to the front page if it receives enough upvotes. Some gags are not available to unregistered users, since they usually contain jokes or comments with explicit sexual content (although it is usually light) and are marked with the NSFW label (Not Safe For Work, Not Recommended For Work) that warns of that it can cause problems to see said gag with more people. It is not necessary to be registered to access the site. However, in order to vote, view gags with restricted access or comment on posts, one has to be registered by completing a simple digital form where the user can add their email and username, or connect directly with their Facebook account.

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