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This is the Amsterdam party life group. We all love the partys in amsterdam and the nightlife. Lets party with each other and lets get drunk and fucked up. YOLO🥳🥳😵‍💫😵‍💫🥴🥴

Grachtenfestival (Canal Festival)

One of the main events. We strongly recommend it. It is a classical music festival, which also takes place in unique architectural sites with historical and cultural value.
The festival events are intended for music lovers of all ages. In addition to concerts for adults, a children’s festival (Kindergrachtenfestival) is also held. The festival varies and expands its events, with additional venues being added each year. The concerts are with symbolic entrance or free.

Amsterdam Roots

Another must-see in Amsterdam. For travelers like us, it is an ideal event to hear live musicians from all over the world (not Western). From African music, to modern gypsy and flamenco and African mixes, the Amsterdam Roots Festival is an event that combines tradition and new trends.
The festival is held on various stages throughout the city, such as the Carré and the Melkweg. The highlight of the Amsterdam Roots Festival takes place in the Oosterpark.

Amsterdam Gay Pride

Gay Parade is one of the best gay pride parties and one of the most fun in the world. It has been held every year since 1996 on the first weekend of August and one of its highlights is the parade through the canals of Amsterdam. One of the best places to watch the parade is in the Waterlooplein area, over the Blauwburg Bridge or near City Hall. But in addition to the parade, dozens of parties are organized, both in clubs and discos and in city squares.

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MidzomerZaan Festival

The old factories on the banks of the Zaan River host the MidzomerZaan festival in June. For three days, a dozen artists from different universes will follow one another on the stage set up for the occasion. The variety of the program and its festive side make it a highly appreciated meeting by the public, who discover at the same time the unique architecture of the factories that border the river.

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