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Designed for anyone who wants to know who God of Heaven is, this gig seeks to answer your most pressing questions about the nature of God & Heaven. The advice that you’ll be able to obtain will give you a greater sense of purpose and the ability to position yourself better to benefit from the services offered by Heaven.

As a prophetic ministry leader collaborating with Heaven on ministry projects, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing many dimensions of God and Heaven in association with my Holy Spirit. God has proven to be one who continues to evolve.

These insights have helped me adopt a more practical approach in my practice of Christianity. In the process, I have been able to develop a meaningful working relationship with Heaven and even participate in shaping protocols for healing and deliverance projects. All have been absolutely life-saving! I have been amazed at how quickly Heaven is able to respond to threats affecting us and how committed God is to saving the world.

I invite you to utilize this gig to open your eyes to the culture of Heaven and to finally experience reaching God yourself. Your life will never be the same again.

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