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Which team do you support? Which team do you think it is the one with more chances to win?

There are only 4 teams remaining in this Champions League 2022.

  • Real Madrid – Madrid / Spain
  • Chelsea – London / UK
  • PSG – Paris / France
  • Manchester United – Manchester / UK

The final match will be played at Estambul.

So far 2 UK teams, 1 from France and 1 from Spain.

  • Real Madrid is the team with more Champions League titles.
  • PSG and Manchester United have all the money they need.
  • Chelsea has the support of Roman Abramovich.

This is a super semifinal. Real Madrid and Chelsea are tie 1-1 in the first match in Madrid.

Today PSG and Manchester United are playing.

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The teams with more fans Worldwide so far are

  • Real Madrid 252.1 million
  • Barcelona 250.3 million
  • Man Utd 142 million
  • Juventus 104.1 million

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