Ideas for your Wedding WhatsApp Group.

Your wedding is a very important celebration for both you and your partner since it represents the union of two people and their families. However, they can get extremely expensive since you must take care of the venue, the ceremony, the food, dj… That is why here we have some very goof, affordable wedding ideas.

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Firstly, if you want to do the ceremony outdoors, instead of having waiters and plates with cuttlery, order a food truck. That way you won´t have to spend so much money in food for every guest, as the foodtruck can have burguers, tacos or burritos, things that everybody likes and are affordable.

Flowers are another big wedding theme and if you want to stand out, instead of having the flowers on the table, you could have them hanging from the ceiling, making a cool scenery and it won’t bother people who are waiting.

Another pretty good idea is, if you are celebrating your wedding in another country, have the typical food from there be the main course, that way you will surprise the guests

Taking photos is also a very big thing in weddings, therefore it would be pretty cool if you had a photo booth such as the ones you see in the fairs. That way you add a fun side to it.

Lastly, a fantastic idea could also be to hire a live wedding painter, so he can make a painting of the ceremony, instead of a boring photo. Like this, you can frame it in your house and it won’t be as bland as a photo and can add the nostalgia that a photo doesn’t produce.

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