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Where to buy Mary Kay products?

Through beauty consultants. It is important to have the contact of a good and trusted consultant. Online you can find Mary Kay products in the Amazon store.

Mary Kay Consultants

Once you arrange a meeting with your consultant (it can be individual or with friends) she will teach you how the products are used, how they are applied, what they are for and in what order. You are never required to buy anything at that meeting. You can even request samples to test the products further. In my case, the meeting was at home with my sister, but my consultant also holds them at hers.

How to become a Mary Kay consultant?

Mary Kay Guarantee

One of the things that I liked the most when buying Mary Kay was precisely the peace of mind of having a 100% money-back guarantee of the amount you paid if you are not satisfied.
If in any case you have felt forced to buy by your consultant or do not want to return the money, I recommend that you file a complaint with Mary Kay or call to claim.

Something that really surprised me when I started looking for information about Mary Kay was finding a huge amount of hoaxes and false information.

5 lies about Mary Kay

Mary kay is catalog sale: FALSE
Mary Kay is sold solely and exclusively through Independent Beauty Consultants. This means that it is directly sold but that it always goes through the filter of your consultant, which is the one that advises you for free on the right products for your skin type.

I was charged for a class with a Mary Kay colsultor FALSE
If this has happened to you, contact Mary Kay, as the classes are free and you are not required to buy anything at all.

They do not give you a purchase ticket – FALSE
Consultants are obliged to give you a ticket, what’s more, always ask for it to justify your purchase.

The ingredients do not come in the package – FALSE
The ingredients are specified in the cardboard box that contains the products, on one side.

The products are bad and give an allergy FALSE
Allergy can give you any product that you are allergic to. Mary Kay products are hypoallergenic, there can always be an isolated case of allergy to a component. According to the FDA, hypoallergenic cosmetics are products for which their manufacturers indicate that they produce fewer allergic reactions than other cosmetic products.

Mary Kay is high cosmetic and its products pass very high quality controls, since they are manufactured in the USA and there the controls are very strict. In addition, Mary Kay products are highly cosmetic, before I have explained what it consists of.

My experience with Mary Kay

Ana, my beauty consultant, before visiting me she sent me a questionnaire about my skin type with questions about my routine and what I expected from a treatment. She came home with a suitcase with the products from the TIMEWISE line, which I myself had told her were the ones that interested me the most.

First we did a hand exfoliation and hydration. Then she showed me how the Mary Kay routine works: cleanser, serum (one day and one night) and moisturizer. I also tried the revitalizing eye contour, with a tightening effect. The class was very enjoyable and she explained to us how the company worked as well as the products.

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