Most popular Foods in the World – WhatsApp Group

1 Birria tacos

2 Nasi goreng

3 Feta pasta

4 Charcuterie board

5 生姜 焼き (Shōgayaki)

6 Potato Soup

7 ぶり の 照り 焼き (Teriyaki Amberjack)

8 豚汁 (Tonjiru)

9 Baked oats

10 Overnight oats

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The world gastronomy is impressive but without a doubt there are foods that we all know and have tried at least once. Keep reading and get to know them.


It basically consists of compressed meat in the shape of a disk, between two loaves, accompanied by vegetables, sauces and other ingredients.
They are one of the most famous foods, there are food chains that are only dedicated to producing this type of product.
The burgers come from Hamburg, Germany, which is precisely where their name comes from.
It is estimated that approximately 45 million hamburgers are sold around the world each day.
Most burgers made in India are vegan.


It is an Italian bread, baked, flat and circular, covered with sauce and different ingredients, but its basic version is only tomato sauce and cheese.
It is one of the most representative foods of Italy and known throughout the world.
Mexico is the second country that consumes the most pizza.
It was popularized during the 2nd World War due to the migration of Italians to other countries.
According to a study by the University of Michigan, it is one of the most addictive foods.
Around the world, about 5 million pizzas are prepared per year.


It is part of the traditional meals of Japan, it is prepared with whole grain rice wrapped in nori seaweed and the ingredients in the center can vary.
The word sushi actually refers to rice seasoned with vinegar, sugar, and salt.
Traditionally it should be eaten with your hands and in a single bite.
The ones with avocado and rice on the outside are not Japanese.
Initially, it was established that women could not prepare sushi.


It is a dish originally from Valencia, Spain.
The traditional one is made up of rice flavored with saffron, fish, mussels and green herbs, but currently there are different variations of the recipe.
The name comes from the Latin patella which means frying pan, because of the way it was originally prepared.
We tell you how to make a delicious paella step by step
We love paella for many reasons: besides being an ideal dish to share.


They come from Mexico and consist of a typical tortilla rolled in different fillings of ingredients that can be from vegetables, cold meats, chicken, beans and other typical options of Mexican gastronomy.
It is most popular in the northern part of Mexico.
His name was first recorded in a Mexican dictionary in 1895.
One version indicates that they became popular in the Mexican Revolution when a man sold flour tacos that he transported on his donkey.

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