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Top ten cities in Pakistan. WhatsApp Group

1 Karachi

2 Lahore

3 Faisalabad

4 Rawalpindi

5 Gujranwala

6 Peshawar

7 Multan

8 Hyderabad

9 Islamabad

10 Quetta

FAQs about Pakistan?

Pakistan, located in South Asia, has an area of ​​796,100 km2.

Pakistan, with a population of 222,590,000 people, is one of the most populous countries in the world with 280 inhabitants per km2.

Its capital is Islamabad and its currency is Pakistani Rupees.

Pakistan is the 42nd economy by volume of GDP. Its public debt in 2021 was 217,422 million euros, with a debt of 73.96% of GDP. Its per capita debt is €977 euros per inhabitant.

The last annual rate of CPI published in Pakistan was on December of 2023 and it was 0%.

There are some variables that can help you to know something more if you are going to travel to Pakistan or simply want to know more about the standard of living of its inhabitants.

The GDP per capita is a very good indicator of the standard of living and in the case of Pakistan, in 2021, it was €1,321 euros, so this figure is in the bottom part of the table, in position 157 Its inhabitants have a very low standard of living in relation to the 196 countries in the ranking of GDP per capita.

As for the Human Development Index or HDI, which is prepared by the United Nations to measure the progress of a country and which ultimately shows us the standard of living of its inhabitants, it indicates that Pakistanis have a poor quality of life.

If the reason for visiting Pakistan is business, it’s useful to know that Pakistan is ranked 136th out of 190 in the Doing Business ranking, which ranks countries on the ease of doing business.

Regarding the Corruption Perception Index of the public sector in Pakistan, it was 28 points, so the perception of corruption of Pakistanis in their country is very high.

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