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Hence, studying the photo very well gives the best results, especially if you want to be sexy so that you get more likes than the influencers on duty. And here I come: I come to give you a few tips so that your sexy photos succeed like the paella at a beach bar.

It is not necessary to have an expensive mobile, but one that has some potential in photography, especially in the front camera. Once chosen, I will focus on three crucial points to melt whoever is on the other side of the screen: the wardrobe, the environment and the photo application.

Choose the best outfit: fewer clothes are not always better

It is easy to think that when taking “warm” photos we should avoid clothing, but this does not have to be the case. In addition, you have to take extreme precautions if the objective of your photos is social networks: Instagram, Facebook and company will not cut themselves when it comes to blocking your photos. They can even evict your account, so you have to be careful. Anything can enter Twitter, there is no limit here; although it will mark your account with sensitive content.

We are in summer, so it is time to choose seasonal outfits. The swimsuit and bikini are essential, also the shirts with transparencies, tops, the beach towel … Any piece of fabric can be used for a suggestive photo session, you just have to wear it naturally and sensuality.

How to earn likes doing the same things others do is not easy, you can raise the bar for originality by choosing a different wardrobe. A photo on the beach with the picnic blanket covering the tricky parts, with the buckets and the shovel to make sand castles on these parts, you can half cover yourself with a beach bar umbrella … It inaugurates the “sexy costumbrista” style, he I see a lot of future.

The environment is not a mere stage: take advantage of it

Posing sexy in a tidy room is not the same as posing in a room after an Erasmus party: the effect is radically different. You must attract attention to yourself so that it does not deviate towards the environment and that said environment gives an elegant touch to the whole of the photograph.

Stretching out on the sand of the beach while you focus on the foreground is a good idea, although you should make sure that nothing else comes out of the background. Neither the family sitting around a tortilla with sand nor the child with the ball about to kick it towards your face. Choose the framing well before shooting the photo, make sure that the backlight does not hide your pose, focus well on the area of ​​your body that you want to highlight … The latter is very important: depending on how sexy the photo is, you may want to your abs tablet comes out in the foreground, those deep eyes that your mother gave you or your feet. There is nothing written about tastes, you know.

The best settings for photos in summer are obviously the beaches. Also the forest, a pool, an ice factory … The combination of refreshing scenery and sexy pose is a magnet for likes.

Last step: properly edit your sexy photo before posting

There is no calendar photo, web, advertisement without the models going through the relevant Photoshop. It is something that your sexy photos also need, always in the right measure and saving distances. As social networks are the main destination for these images, my recommendation is that you use mobile apps to give that last review to the photos.

You don’t need to apply filters to turn your face into a porcelain doll, or edit your images until they look like they’ve just come out of National Geographic – a little cropping and some lightness will often suffice. Remember when I said that the environment was important? Well then: you must crop the image to remove any undesirable background elements. The coconut seller, for example.

I will choose two applications with which you can turn your sexy photos of walking around the house into the stars of a Pirelli calendar: Snapseed (Android; iOS) and Adobe Photoshop Express (Android; iOS). They are somewhat complicated to use, especially Snapseed, but with them you will get very good results.

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