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Instruments such as roller blinds, curtains and blinds are very useful and can be used at home, in the office or anywhere there are windows. They serve the purpose to block the light of the sun and to give more privacy to the place where they are set. There are some key differences between these.

Firstly curtains are the most commonly used in homes and offices. They are the most useful because they both block out the sun but also let air come out. This helps very much during summer since it is extremely hot but the wind helps cool down. The price for these varies but can be found for around 10-20 euros. This is also the case for roller blinds, however they are used in offices because they have more of a formal look and are much easier to operate since you only need to push them down, while courtains are pushed horizontally.

The prices varies a lot, you can find as cheap as 20 euros and up to 100. Blinds are much more useful in one way, blocking the sun. As its name indicates it does not let any of the sunlight come in. It also isolates very well any sound so it can be useful in rooms in order to study and whatnot.

The prices are in the 30 to 40 euros range.

Finally, shutters completely differ from the rest. They are a kind of wooden wall that is set outside the window. These are commonly found in old towns. They serve both to block out the sun and noise, while also allowing a bit of air to come in, since the wooden wall isn’t completely shut. The prices for each wodden window is from 250 to 300 euros. These are uncommon in cities, but can be found in the suburbs.

All in all every single piece of furniture is useful in its own way and there are none better than others. You can use each one for different situations and environments.

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