Secret Santa WhatsApp Group

Secret Santa is a very popular format to create a group of users and connect each other to prepare a gift. Of course we use to use email apps for this. Now we can use WhatsApp to get the job done.

Right now this service is only available in Spain.

A website to do invisible friend raffles? What is the difference with others?

I was a little tired of my friends not receiving the email with the name they had been given to give the gift 🎁. Repetitions of raffles 🔁, confusion 😫 and disappointment in the distribution of gifts.

So I said to myself: what if we send it by WhatsApp?

That is the main difference between this website and others: We send by WhatsApp. More direct ✔, more current ✔, faster ✔, fewer bugs, fewer problems.

Who much does it cost? Nothing, it’s free 🤩.

You are only three steps away from making the secret friend giveaway.

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