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The used pantyhose, also called briefs, knickers or panties are nowadays the fantasy of many men. Among all used underwear products, pantyhose are undoubtedly a very special garment.

You can find pantyhose worn by women around the world. Our community is a large private market, where you can contact the seller safely and anonymously. A panty used by a woman is not the same as another and is that each woman has something special.

How to buy used tights?

You just have to register directly here totally free. At no time we will charge you commissions, and you can buy the pantyhose that you like directly from the sellers.

Used pantyhose or panties are the favorite garment of fetishists and you can find used pantyhose of all kinds in our market. The sellers include all the details in their ads, so you will be able to know the material or fabric, the days of use, price and all the data about the shipment. You yourself will be able to select the panty you like the most and contact the woman who sells it through our chat. In just a few minutes you will have bought the used panty that you like the most!

Do not confuse pantyhose with nylon stockings or socks, since depending on the country it can be called one way or another.

Used tights are a product that allows buyers not only to enjoy the sense of smell of the person who has worn them, but also the sensuality that they give off. Many buyers enjoy photographs of used pantyhose, in which the girl appears wearing them and even with them removed.

Community of women selling panties

Our community works better than any forum, as you will be sure that all our sellers have been verified. Women who decide to sell their used underwear put a lot of effort and dedication into making each garment different.

In addition, the used pantyhose forums do not allow you to create a community and you only find lists of products.

Each seller has her personal space, with photos, offers, description and best of all, you can talk to them instantly thanks to our private chat.

After making your purchase you will be able to leave your evaluations about the seller and even consult the opinions of other sellers who have bought before you. This way you can be sure that the used tights that you will buy are real and of quality.

While in a pantyhose forum the members are offline, here you have multiple tools such as chat, our blog, activity list, reviews and contests! You can also buy pantyhose from actresses like Carolina Abril or from girls from any country.

Discover all the advantages of our community, discover how to buy used pantyhose and let yourself go.

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