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April 26 is Lesbian Awareness Day. This day has been celebrated (and claimed) since 2008 to claim equal rights and opportunities, specifically, for lesbian women because, as you know, there is still discrimination and homophobia in many contexts.

Following the results of the most repeated searches on search engines about this orientation, the phrase “how to know if I am a lesbian” is one of the most recurrent, and if you are wondering precisely that, we have contacted Alberto Tarriño Lozano, a health psychologist with extensive experience professional and closely linked to the LGTB+ community, so that he can clear up some doubts, based on his experience in consultation: “First of all, I would like to clarify that each person is different and experiences their process in a different way”, he starts. “What is clear is that we live in a heteronormative and heteropatriarchal world, and whether orientation has been clear since childhood or not, distancing yourself from that system can generate setbacks: society has sent explicit messages for centuries about the only possibility of being heterosexual, and these messages mean, therefore, that ‘being a lesbian is not okay’ Luckily, that is changing, the girls of generation Z now have many references, but in other age ranges they did not have as many facilities”.

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That said, if you are hesitating with your orientation, you should know that you are not going to find a clear answer here (it is a somewhat more complex process and not decisive), but you can heed Tarriño’s advice: “To give an answer that As clearly as possible, I will say that you can (start to) know if you are a lesbian from the moment you feel that you are not straight, that is, if you feel that you do not fit the pattern in which we have been educated, it is time to explore yourself For example, you may have grown up without those references we were talking about, but perhaps you have been able to feel something deep for a friend (but since she was a friend, you thought it was because of your friendship) or you have felt a special devotion to a teacher, by an acquaintance of your mother… in short, and to get to the point: women who have captivated you, that you have not been able to stop looking at…, but that you have not associated with anything affective because no one has explained to you that this is a physical or emotional attraction.

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Do these scenarios resonate with you? Well, in that case, you also have to take into account that there is an additional factor and that it comes from the education to which the psychologist referred: “internalized lesbophobia”, that is, synthesizing, the organic rejection that projecting yourself can generate in a relationship with a woman. Lesbophobia does not have to be an active hatred (that is, you avoid, insult or exercise violence against lesbian women), but for example, you feel afraid of what they will say or that it is impossible for you to imagine having a life with a woman.

Three crutches have helped this film take its first promotional steps everywhere: its status (self-assigned) as the first Spanish lesbian comedy, its origin in a webseries (Girl looking for a girl) and its financing via crowdfunding

The three contribute to generating a legitimate expectation of sympathy towards the project. What happens once you see the film by debutante Sonia Sebastián? His scarce means are used (a very hard-working cast), his jump from the network to the cinema is well justified (more than in The Entourage or Sex in New York, which is not saying much, examples with which he shares traits), although without boasting . Doubts assail us, beyond billing and structure, in a certain clash between their gender pride and sexual choice and their mainstream spirit.

That is why the replica of the eternal schemes of comedies, let’s say, heterosexuals, without making any profit from it (more Two Much than The boys are fine, there are gags that come from the military), does not help to offer an original result. Even his effort to normalize a social cause, which exists and is worthy, is diluted in the territory chosen to raise reflection. In those extremes where the debauchery of the sitcom is best developed, there is not always room for the moral, nor is it one as measured as the one that slams the door to the plot: each one goes their own way, and that goes for comedy, for sex and for the normalization of the rights of a group.

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