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Over time, seduction has evolved along with technology. I still remember when I was 16 years old and the only option I had to get in touch with the girl I liked was to call her house and ask her mother if she could put… Those were other times and everything was much more hard. Then came the mobile phone, SMS, Messenger, Facebook and other social networks, and finally WhatsApp. And if the arrival of mobile phones was a revolution in the world of dating, by now we can assure you that the arrival of WhatsApp has not been for less.

WhatsApp is a form of communication totally different from the others, it requires much less investment than SMS or calls, and I am not referring precisely to money. I suppose you have already realized that it is much easier for a girl you met on a night out or on the street to reply to a WhatsApp message than before, when the only options were SMS or calls. Maybe you thought it was for the money and that if the aunts didn’t answer your SMS it was because they’re all tight. Well, make no mistake, the reason why they didn’t answer you is that the SMS, apart from the economic investment, involved a greater emotional investment.

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For them it was as if by replying to an SMS they were showing you that they wanted to see you again, and many times if they were not very clear about it, they preferred not to reply directly rather than risk you thinking things that were not. This does not happen with WhatsApp, because for them it is as if they carried the “portable” Messenger in their pocket, where a response means NOTHING, nor does it imply an investment of any kind (neither economic nor emotional).

It is for this reason that until a couple of years ago, many seducers or seduction students preferred to say goodbye to the girl they were seducing by asking for her MSN instead of her mobile number, so they had more chances of getting a response.

The Three Ingredients: Defined in Detail

From now on you should never write to a girl on WhatsApp or SMS again without using each of the three main ingredients for attractive communication, these are:

  1. Arouse emotions
  2. Create connections
  3. Handle logistics

Arouse emotions

Most of the time, when a man gets the phone number of a girl he likes, the first message he sends her to get back in touch is loaded with logic and doesn’t contain any kind of emotion. Here are some examples of initial messages that you should NEVER send, and I am sure that more than one of them will be familiar to you:

Hi how are things? – MISTAKE
How was the day? – MISTAKE
What’s up? – MISTAKE
Hi Maria, I’m Alejandro – ERROR
Hi do you remember me? – MISTAKE
It was great to meet you – ERROR
You seemed like a very nice girl – ERROR
I had a great time with you tonight – ERROR
I hope you got home safe – ERROR

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You got his number… now what?

If you do things right, for example following the seduction method that we detail in Elite Seduction, it will be quite easy for you to get the phone number of the girls you meet in a nightclub or bar, on the street, in chat, or wherever. that you like to flirt

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