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This is the most expensive hookah in the world

The world of hookahs is absolutely infinite. Since they became popular in our country a few years ago, the culture that surrounds water pipes has permeated the lives of all fans of this ancient art.

So much so that it is not only important to know the best way to prepare it or how to do tricks with smoke, but there is a whole culture related to shishas: knowing their history, great pipe smokers or what is the most expensive hookah in the world. curiosities that are shared among the smoking community.

It is precisely this last thing that most surprises shisha fans: what is the most expensive hookah in the world?

And, although currently you can get these water pipes for a fairly modest price in tobacconists, the truth is that there are true wonders around the world that can reach astronomical sales figures. These are some of them:


We will make a trip across the entire planet to find the most expensive hookahs in the world. It will be a trip full of luxuries and eccentricities that will turn smoke lovers’ mouths to water.

Desvall Real Diamante

Bluntly: we start with the most expensive hookah in the world, and then go over others that have also reached unattainable prices for ordinary mortals. 2.4 million euros is the price of the Desvall Real Diamante, a hookah made of 18 carat gold, with dozens of diamonds and created for the launch of Krona tobacco.

It is a delight to behold and an ode to consumption, but smoking in it is allowed only to a few. The rest of the lovers of the water pipes have to settle for much cheaper formats.

Porsche Design

Going for much more affordable prices (within the expensive), it is worth looking at the design of the shisha 2.1 from Porsche Design. Elegant pipe in black tones designed by the factory of high-end vehicles, the creators of this hookah have managed to transfer the efficiency, elegance and luxury of the road to the living room.

The cost of sale to the public is 1650 euros and is currently for sale to anyone who wants to get hold of it.

The Tiger

Much more traditional in design, shape and materials is The Tiger Exclusive Steamulation hookah, made by the German factory specializing in the creation of water pipes.

Anodized aluminum, 24 karat gold, platinum and Swarovski crystals give this piece the virtue of the most oriental and exquisite beauty. Its sale price reaches 3,900 euros in the market, but it is a real marvel.

The most expensive hookah in the world and the other two models are an example of luxury, power and design with jewelry materials integrated into products only available to a few.

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