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The plot: The fictional town of Sembalor in the southern state of Tamil Nadu prepares for the annual festivities of the Mayana Kollai, a tomb-robbing ceremony in honor of the goddess Angala Parameswari Amman, revered especially by the region’s fishermen.

During this preparation, there are union revolts against the precarious working conditions of the main company in the city that end in serious disturbances with important subsequent consequences, aggravated by the simultaneous disappearance of Nila, a teenager who has vanished without a trace.

The disappearance is investigated by two local police officers, Sub-Inspector Chakravarthy and his direct boss, Inspector Regina Thomas, who begin to question Nila’s closest entourage and who will soon have the help of Nandini, the elder sister of the missing person, as shows the trailer of the series.

Little by little the story becomes more complicated and what seems like a routine disappearance ends up combining with events at the factory and with local festivities, weaving an important web of interests where nothing is what it initially seems and with some completely unexpected twist that It totally changes the perception we had up to that point in the story, like that vortex in the title that sucks up everyone involved in the case.

The great success of ‘Suzhal.El Vórtice’ is to become a ‘crime in the midst of festivals and traditions’, which is an interesting subgenre with many possibilities, of which we have even had recent examples in our country with ‘Hierro’, which it allows them to play into the cultural factor as an integral part of the central criminal mystery, as well as to travel extensively throughout the region, including the famous British hill stations.

The leading couple is made up of two popular Tamil actors such as Kathir who plays Sub-inspector Chakravarthy and Aishwarya Rajesh who plays Nandini, the sister of the missing Nila, and who have been chosen for their great appeal among the Tamil public.

The viewing of ‘Suzhal. The Vortex ‘allows you to get to know the Tamil culture, but it is necessary to have expectations in line with a narrative experience quite different from the usual in many series. In my case, it has convinced me absolutely, but as in the case of the incredibly spicy food of the Tamil Nadu region that is not for all palates, until you try it, you cannot know your tolerance level.

Its premiere has been a huge success, especially in South India, delighted to have its first original series in Tamil, which has even generated video clips with its soundtrack, as you can see in the last video of this curious remote entry from today.

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