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Why is ukay-ukay popular in the Philippines?

Some Filipinos shop at ukay-ukay because it’s a way for them to be stylish and up-to-date, and “own” unique items without breaking the bank. By the way, one can even “pretend to have bought these items from designer houses”

Why do Filipinos love ukay-ukay?

Selling brand-name second-hand clothing and apparel has become one of the lucrative micro-businesses in the Philippines today because many Filipinos love to indulge in these products called “ukay-ukay” (a Visayan term for digging up). Furthermore, clothing is the best buy for occasional purchases.

What are the benefits of ukay-ukay?
Here are some of them:

It is cheap! Obviously, buying in ukay-ukay is very cheap.
It’s eco-friendly! Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world.
It’s good quality! As mentioned, ukay-ukay has good quality clothing.
You can be unique!
It is a great experience!

Who is the target market for ukay-ukay?
Today, ukay-ukay caters not only to CDE markets, but also to AB clients who are looking for variety and are budget conscious and know that the stalls have a wide range of used products and export cost overruns, including toys, bedding, bags and shoes.

Is it legal to sell Ukay-Ukay?
4653 also known as the “Act to Safeguard the Health of the Filipino People and Maintain the Dignity of the Nation by Prohibiting the Importation of Used Clothes and Rags.” It makes a significant part of the ukay-ukay business illegal.

Is Ukay-Ukay a good business?
Despite the expansion of ukay-ukay stores, the second-hand clothing business remains lucrative in major cities and towns across the country. If you want a steady stream of income with a quick turnover for yourself or your family in the Philippines, then an ukay-ukay business is a profitable option.

Why is Ukay-Ukay cheap?
One of the main reasons people buy ukay-ukay products is because you can get authentic designer items at incredibly low prices. A Comme des Garcon (CDG) bag, for example, could cost up to $500 when purchased in retail stores or online, but can be purchased for as little as Php25.

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