How to Use Another Whatsapp on Single Android Phone

Hey, Want to run two WhatsApp on Your android? Then relax, you have come to the right place, keep on reading, in the end, you will get many ways to follow; let’s just come to the point without wasting your single second.

Well! We all know about WhatsApp, and how it’s helping us in our daily routine life. Some people want to have their personal or public WhatsApp separate, now you must be thinking that how a personal number can be public, this can happen when you are doing business through your mobile. And it’s difficult for you to handle two mobiles at the same time. Get rid of such problems after reading this.

However there are different ways to solve this, you can have another account using the dual sim, you may have a business WhatsApp account, you can use different apps for it, or you may run your WhatsApp account on different mobile phones.

how to use two whatsapp in dual sim phone

Now, the first question comes in mind; is that possible? Let me answer your question.

[su_highlight background=”#2cb51e” color=”#ffffff”]Is that Possible to Have Two Whatsapp Accounts?[/su_highlight]

Yes, it is possible to have Two WhatsApp Accounts in a Single Android. Almost every smartphone is now carrying a dual sim slot with it. If you are using Dual Sim so you can make Two Different WhatsApp Accounts. Now, the main thing is to run them both on a single phone. You can do it too easily by using different apps or the new coming mobile also provides you this facility by default. It’s unofficial, as WhatsApp doesn’t allow two accounts on a single android. But it’s difficult for users to carry two mobiles with them, just to Use Two WhatsApp Accounts on Android Mobile.

[su_highlight background=”#2cb51e” color=”#ffffff”]4 Ways to Use Dual WhatsApp on a Single Android[/su_highlight]

The 4 Ways which solve your problem, and makes your life and communication easy with others are as follows

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  1. Firstly, by using a smartphone having such features by default.
  2. Second, by using different apps for this purpose.
  3. Third, by using the dual sim for Dual WhatsApp.
  4. Fourth, you can also use a business account.


Let’s discuss them one by one, but before discussing them let’s have an answer to one question which helps you out in finding the solution to your problem. The question is;

[su_highlight background=”#2cb51e” color=”#ffffff”]1. How Can We use Two WhatsApp on Single Android?[/su_highlight]

To make it easier for you, some smartphones are providing you with dual app features. For such an android user, you just have to change your android settings. Let me guide you, how you can change a setting?

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  1. First, go to Dual App setting, here you will have the option to duplicate the app, you have already installed in your phone.
  2. Second, choose the app, which you want to be duplicate. Let the process to finish its programs
  3. Third, you will have a WhatsApp icon on your home screen, the second icon is your Another WhatsApp.
  4. Simple now enjoy the app.
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how to use dual whatsapp
how to use dual whatsapp


[su_highlight background=”#2cb51e” color=”#ffffff”]2. Having Dual WhatsApp by Using Apps With the Download and Installation Process[/su_highlight]

For those, who are using such android which lacks this facility are still confused that how they can enjoy Two WhatsApp Accounts on their cell phone. They can use different apps provided for the same purpose. I will explain about some app here. So you can easily and confidently use them. The first app I am going to explain to you is a parallel app with its download and installing process.

1. Parallel Space App

This is truly an amazing app; it makes your ways simple to have a dual WhatsApp account on a single mobile phone. A simple, user-friendly, well-performing app helps you to Run Another WhatsApp on your android without any rooting. You just need to install the app.

Parallel Space App whatsapp

Download and Installation Method:

The way you can download and install the app is as follows:

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  1. Go to play store, search it, and then click on download option
  2. After downloading, Install the app
  3. For dual WhatsApp, open the app, click on add option, select WhatsApp for dual
  4. Add the WhatsApp account number, for further procedure
  5. Click on “Allow and continue option”
  6. After this Enjoy Dual WhatsApp on Your Android.


2. CloneiT App

Clone it is also an app introduced for making clones of your app. Now, you can use a clone of your WhatsApp too. A simple but awesome app clears your way to the destination. This app provides you the facility to use two WhatsApp at a time on a single android. Just download it on your mobile.

cloneit app whatsapp

Download and Installation Method:

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  1. Go to play store, search it, and then click on download option
  2. After downloading, Install the app
  3. For Dual WhatsApp, open the app, click on add option, select WhatsApp for dual
  4. Click on CloneiT option, after clone making is finished
  5. Repeat the installation process and enjoy the app
  6. By clicking on I Accept and agree with option


[su_highlight background=”#2cb51e” color=”#ffffff”]3. By Using the Dual Sim in Single Android[/su_highlight]

This method can be adopted only if you are having a dual Sim supported smartphone. You are having two numbers on your cellphone and want a separate WhatsApp? Then this method is perfect for you just follow the following steps and get Two WhatsApp Accounts in a single mobile.


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  1. Go to settings
  2. Click on dual feature settings
  3. Click on WhatsApp
  4. Make a dual account on each number
  5. There will be two icons of WhatsApp on your home screen
  6. Each WhatsApp for each number


The simple and easiest way to enjoy dual WhatsApp using the same device

4.WhatsApp Business App

Whatsapp business is another simple way to use two Whatsapp on your phone. If you are a businessman and want to keep professional and personal contacts separate use this app. Or you can also use it as a normal WhatsApp account. Install the app and enjoy the features.

dual for WhatsApp Business App

Download and Installation Method:

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  1. First, type it on the play store. Simply download it
  2. After downloading, Install the App
  3. Then, make an account on this WhatsApp Business
  4. Enjoy the app and Another Separate WhatsApp Account.


By reading above! Now you have many methods to use two WhatsApp on a single device. Some want to keep the contacts separate like everyone has its requirements and needs. Your needs can be fulfilled by having a look. Whatsapp is a widely using app nowadays and is being necessary for android users also as its feature of voice calls; video call sharing pictures and other videos are amazing. While WhatsApp users may have many questions in their mind, let’s have a look at such questions I am going to discuss below.

[su_highlight background=”#2cb51e” color=”#ffffff”]Can we Install Two WhatsApp Accounts on a Single Sim Phone?[/su_highlight]

Yes, we can Install Two WhatsApp Account by using a different app such as cloneit , parallel space app.

[su_highlight background=”#2cb51e” color=”#ffffff”]Can I Open Two WhatsApp Account with One sSim Card and Two Different Phones?[/su_highlight]

Yeah! You can use it by having an app installed in both cellphones is Web to go app this app will help you out in doing this.

[su_highlight background=”#2cb51e” color=”#ffffff”]How do You Access My Old WhatsApp while Not Being able to use that Phone?[/su_highlight]

You can have access to your old account only in one situation if you have access to your sim card. If you have your sim card then you can easily get access to your old account

[su_highlight background=”#2cb51e” color=”#ffffff”]Which Phone Supports a Dual App on a Single Android?[/su_highlight]

You can enjoy this on androids like Xiomi, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Honor, Huawei. As their new models have this option by default.

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