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WhatsApp Group Limit 2022 – Now 512 users

New WhatsApp Group Limit at 512 members.

They also land groups of more users

This is the other great novelty that the company itself has announced. With the new option it will be possible to increase the size of the groups up to 512 people, so the current restrictions will no longer be a problem. In other words, the limit of two hundred and fifty-six right now will simply be a memory in a short time (because the deployment is being gradual, so it may not be effective on your terminal right now).

Add users to WhatsApp groups

Not much else changes in this option, but doubling what was possible to use to date is excellent news while waiting for the arrival of communities on WhatsApp that could mean a turning point for the service, as happened with others… And , again, we are thinking of Telegram.

Obviously, everything new maintains high privacy, since the end-to-end encryption remains active, so nothing and no one will be able to know what you do in the chat… not even WhatsApp itself. It is expected that, throughout this year, more advances in the application will be offered, as it should not be left behind in its market segment.

How to create a WhatsApp Group for 512 users?

All the new groups are just allowed to have more users. You do not need to change your group settings.


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