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77% of Peruvians already use WhatsApp for purchases, how to take advantage of it in business

The WhatsApp Business, a platform made specifically for business and commercial purposes. Know how to use it and take advantage of it at this juncture.

If anything has kept us united despite the pandemic, it is the use of digital communication channels and social networks such as Facebook and WhatsApp. Thanks to them we have been able to communicate with family and loved ones, but did you know that WhatsApp also has a very powerful sales tool?

It is estimated -for example- that 77% of Peruvian consumers already use WhatsApp as part of their purchase process.

This tool is WhatsApp Business, a platform made specifically for business and commercial purposes.

Mibanco’s Financial Office provides advice on what you need to know to start using it and make the most of all its features.

Why should you join this platform? There are many reasons, from the possibility of connecting with customers to boosting sales, but the main ones are:

Streamlines and facilitates your sales processes
Provides security to your clients: it gives them confidence because they will perceive you as an up-to-date, innovative, digitized entrepreneur who knows what he is doing.
It will allow you to personally interact with your customers: it is a platform that brings the user very close and allows a direct relationship with him
Your clients can consult directly with you
However, despite the obvious benefits that a platform like this brings, many entrepreneurs are still skeptical of using it, as certain myths circulate about it that make them doubt.

  • Myth 1: You pay and lose your data
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The platform is completely free.
In addition, you will not lose your information if you perform your backup correctly.

  • Myth 2: it is difficult to use:

The interface is just as simple and intuitive as personal WhatsApp.

  • Myth 3: your business must be a formal company:

You do not need a RUC to create a WhatsApp Business account, therefore, any type of business regardless of its size or situation can take advantage of this channel.

  • Myth 3: you can use it with the same number

You can only use one number for each WhatsApp. In this case, you must prioritize which one you will use WhatsApp Business with. It is recommended that you use the same number with which you already maintain communication with your clients, where you already have recorded conversations, broadcast lists, groups so that you continue to maintain all your promotions and interactions and thus take advantage of that network of contacts that you have achieved. build over the years.

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