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There is no doubt that Wordle is the phenomenon and the sensation of the moment just like Flappy Bird or Among Us were in their day, all of them games with a casual component and social networks involved, simplicity in its gameplay and that bit of challenge and frustration that this addictive hidden word puzzle has returned to us as soon as 2022 began.

In something that reminds us a lot of the mythical ‘Lingo’ by Ramoncín, the idea behind Wordle is as simple as it is complex, since it proposes us to discover a hidden five-letter word every day, in only six attempts and with the possibility of playing anything more than once every day.

It is as easy to think of it as it is complicated to execute it, so we are going to teach you the best tricks and tips to always guess the word, and even if you want to make small cheats such as having infinite daily attempts… Will you join us to discover them?

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Wordle, the most fashionable casual game that will challenge you to discover words.

What is Wordle and how to play in english?

At this point and in many media, including us, we have talked about what Wordle is and we have even explained how to play Wordle in Spanish and from your mobile, so here we are only going to explain a mechanic so simple that it practically does not require an explanation .

In fact, Wordle is not as new as it might seem, since his idea was already exploited by the television program ‘Lingo’ a few years ago, while this version of the online game appeared in October last year by Josh Wardle, who he played with his wife months before and every day. The explosion came now, as Wordle had about 90 or 100 players in November 2021 and since the beginning of January they had exceeded 300,000.

The learning curve of Wordle is zero, when you enter you will find a brief explanation, six rows of five boxes and a keyboard, so all you have to do is enter 5-letter words to guess the one that is hidden daily, although actually you can only do it in 6 attempts and playing once a day.

With each word that is entered you will see how the colors of the letters change following these instructions:

If they turn gray, that letter is not in the hidden word.
In the event that the box is highlighted in yellow, we have hit the letter but not the position.
And finally, if it is painted in green we have hit the letter and position.v

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