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This is a group we just created to provide support for Zoho and WhatsApp developers


Zoho offers a comprehensive and customizable CRM platform perfect for businesses and startups. It is a leader in the CRM solutions market, as it has tools to optimize sales, marketing and lead generation processes. So what you need to get started is a Zoho CRM tutorial.

With Zoho CRM you can customize the platform, automate repetitive processes, and streamline sales and approval processes. In addition, you can integrate it with WhatsApp to get the most out of these two tools.

How to start with Zoho and WhatsApp?

In this article we tell you how you can do it to have all the information you need to boost the sales of your business.

Why do you need a Zoho CRM tutorial?

Until now, you may have used spreadsheets to organize your customer data and a WhatsApp Business account to talk to them. But your company does not stop growing and you need more powerful tools to manage your data. It’s time to buy a CRM like Zoho.

Starting to use a new program is always difficult, so starting to use it takes a learning process that we facilitate in this Zoho CRM tutorial.

What can you learn in a Zoho CRM tutorial?

Zoho CRM and Chatwith.io offer you many tools. Do you dare to start?

From the main page of the platform you can manage the tabs that appear at the top of the screen and modify them as needed, access the calendar, read notifications and much more.

Let us begin!

Personalization of Zoho and WhatsApp

As we told you at the beginning of the Zoho CRM tutorial, this tool is completely customizable since each business has different needs. And it is that a restaurant is not going to have the same needs as a real estate agency.

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Zoho CRM is divided into:

  • Modules: one of the aspects that you can customize are the modules, which are the different groups that appear in the tab bar. Going back to the example from before, if you have a restaurant one of your modules could be “catering”, but this will not work if you have a real estate company that needs a “rent” module.
  • Layouts: within each module you can create layouts to segment your leads, accounts or contacts into new subcategories. For example, within “catering” you could create layouts for “hotels”, “weddings” and “kids parties”.

In each layout you can organize specific activities and processes. Additionally, you can assign CRM users to each layout as they need the information.

Conditional layouts: you can also create conditions for your layouts and thus better organize your customer data. In this way you can indicate that, if a client of your restaurant says that he is looking for a catering service for hotels, a field appears asking for the number of rooms that the hotel has.

Validation rules: You can also create validation rules to speed up processes. Let’s say that your restaurant only caters to hotels with more than 20 rooms, if the customer enters a lower number, a message will appear saying “Sorry, we only cater for hotels with more than 20 rooms”.

Create workflows with Zoho and WhatsApp

A workflow is the set of actions that must be carried out when certain conditions are met. This is a process that can be automated by implementing some rules in Zoho CRM, so you tell it that if X happens, it should do Y.

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Let’s see the components of a workflow:

Trigger: This indicates when the rule will start. With our restaurant example, the rule is triggered WHEN a lead is created that meets the conditions.
Conditions: The conditions determine what aspects the lead must have in order for the rule to apply. For example, that the lead requests catering for children’s parties. You can choose more than one condition if you need to.
Actions: Now you must indicate what actions should happen when the conditions you indicated are met. It can be an immediate action, such as sending a WhatsApp message with different options for children’s theme parties, or a scheduled action if you need to follow up.
sales pipeline
A sale goes through several stages from consideration to payment, and these stages will be different depending on the type of business you have or the type of service that lead is interested in acquiring.

In Zoho CRM you can create different sales pipelines that will make it easy to track and monitor the processes in different types of sales.

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This is a group we just created to provide support for Zoho and WhatsApp developers


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