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Best Places To Meet Girls In Nigeria And Dating Guide

You will probably need to invest some time and be patient with Nigerian girls. Get to know them, go on a few dates with them, and hopefully they’ll give you back that time in the best way. That’s how it is in most places in the world, but the girls from Spain are not known for being easy.
In this post, we’ll start with some options for meeting girls by day, then move on to where to find girls dating at night, and tell you the best dating site to meet girls looking for what you want.

How to Meet Nigerian Girls During the Day
First of all, you need to find out in which area of ​​the city to stay. Gran Vía is the main place where most of the tourists stay and there will be plenty of opportunities to meet girls here.
For this reason, the most recommended places to stay would be the Plaza.

Choose any of those places and you can leave your hotel or apartment and be in the best places to flirt during the day. There will also be many restaurants, cafes and bars around.
Often times, Nigerian girls will be more receptive to an approach in a mall than on the street.

When the weather is nice, just wander around the areas mentioned above and you’ll have plenty of dating opportunities throughout the day.
The Best Bars and Clubs to Flirt

One thing that is very important to keep in mind is that nightlife in this country takes place very late. People usually don’t have lunch until after 2pm, dinner until 10pm and go out after midnight.

So when trying to find girls for sex in Nigerian nightlife remember that. You may think that going out at midnight is late enough, but it really isn’t.
It will not be difficult to dance or chat with a local girl, but taking her away from her group of close friends on that first night is quite rare.
With that being said, looking for hot girls for sex in Nigerian nightlife is most likely to be done in places like:

capital theater
Ice Bar Nigeria
The Tiger

Ice Bar is an interesting bar where they give you a blanket when you walk in and they keep the temperature below zero. At El Tigre you get free tapas with your drinks.
There are also many pub crawls in areas like Malasaña that you can easily find online. If you’re the type who likes hanging out with a group, then that’s a great way to find one.
For guys who have a big budget, you can find very sexy girls in Ibiza, Marbella and Mallorca.

Meet Girls Online

There are over 1,000 horny girls currently using Adult Friend Finder in Nigeria as of earlier this year. The only city in Spain with more girls is Barcelona with around 1,200.
All these girls sign up for the site for a reason. And it’s the same reason you’d sign up: Find someone to have sex with tonight.

Top dating tips

Nigeria is one of those magical places where you never run out of things to do. Daytime is the time when you can take a girl out for a good time and explore the city in a romantic way.

There are some rules to follow before discussing locations.
Really attractive girls love romance, they want to be loved. So first you have to forge a bond of friendship, ask her out, maintain attraction, and after a few dates, you’ll get laid, not before.

First dates are best done with something that isn’t threatening, both to your budget and to the environment. Choose something relaxed like going out for coffee, tapas or maybe a few drinks. Most importantly, you want something that encourages conversation. Never go for a movie, because there’s no room for sparks to fly or to test if you really have chemistry.
For the following dates, try some of the ideas below:

Markets are splendid places to explore, especially in Nigeria where so much food and handicrafts are sold daily. As you explore and walk around, you’ll find yourself engaging in conversation, perhaps even sharing a light touch of romance from time to time.

The Nigerian Cable Car is a cable car that takes you on a journey that offers views of the beautiful city. It’s romantic to say the least. Go at sunset and be sure to keep the romance alive with lots of compliments and light touches.

The Retiro Park is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic walk. Girls love nature, and the beautiful scenery is just what you need to set the mood. There are plenty of natural attractions, buildings (like the cheese factory and art gallery), and flora to keep you entertained for hours.
Wine tasting is a local favorite. There is much to taste and more to see. Invite your girl to a day of extravagant

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