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Unbelievable: Indian Cricket League is worth more money than Premier League
It is the second most expensive championship in the world after American football in the United States.

Indian Cricket Premier League (IPL) matches this week became the second highest value among leagues worldwide, second only to the US NFL, after more than $6 billion was spent on broadcast its next five seasons. They surpass, for example, those of the English Premier League or the Spanish football league. Cricket is a true passion in India, a country with more than 1.3 billion people.

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This figure triples the cost that these same rights reached in the last auction of 2017, when the consumption of sports on digital devices was still an undiscovered market, and Star India, the local subsidiary of Disney, acquired the television and digital rights in a same package in exchange for 2,092 million dollars.

In the last five years, the IPL experienced a 100% increase in the number of digital viewers, before which the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the governing body of this sport in the Asian country, chose to do something different this year: auctioning the emission rights for both platforms separately.

A decision that revealed that the digital ‘sorpasso’ has already taken place, after Viacom 18, a joint venture between Paramount and India’s Reliance Industries, paid some 3,042 million dollars for digital rights, a figure higher than 3,019 million dollars that Star India paid to regain the television rights.

The union of both amounts will report to the BCCI more than 15 million dollars for each of the 410 games that the competition will host in the next five seasons, placing it only behind the American football NFL, whose games represent an investment of 37 million dollars.

The latest season of the IPL, which concluded in May, was the first to register higher digital audiences than television, according to a recent report by the Indian financial consultancy ‘Elara Capital’, which estimates that the number of virtual viewers amounted to 421 million, compared to the 380 million recorded by television.

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