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The ICC Cricket World Cup is an international cricket competition. It is played in the one day cricket format. The event is organized by the sport’s governing body, the International Cricket Council. The Cricket World Cup is the third largest sporting event in the world, behind the Soccer World Cup and the Summer Olympics. The first Cricket World Cup competition was organized in England in 1975. Since 1973 a Women’s Cricket World Cup has been held every four years.

The final phase of the Cricket World Cup is disputed by the ten nations that play Test. They are joined by other nations qualifying through the Cup qualifying competition. Australia have been the most successful team winning the title on five occasions (in 1987, 1999, 2003 and 2007, 2015). The West Indies (in 1975 and 1979) and India (in 1983 and 2011) have each won the title twice. And Pakistan (in 1992) and Sri Lanka (in 1996) have each won the title once.

Creation Cricket World Cup

The first international cricket match in history was played between Canada and the United States, on September 24-25, 1844. However, the first accredited test match was played in 1877 between Australia and England, and the two teams competed. regularly by The Ashes in the following years. South Africa was admitted as a test country in 1889. Representative cricket teams were selected to tour with each other, resulting in bilateral competition. Cricket was also included as an Olympic sport in the 1900 Paris Games, in which Great Britain defeated France to win the gold medal. This was cricket’s only appearance at the Summer Olympics.

The first international multi-team competition was the 1912 Triangle Tournament. It was a test cricket tournament played in England between England, Australia and South Africa. In subsequent years, international Test cricket has been generally organized as two-sided series. A multi-team test tournament was not organized again until the quadrangular Asian Test Championship in 1999.

In the early 1960s, English county cricket teams began to play a shortened version of cricket that lasted just one day. Starting in 1962, with a four-team knockout competition known as the Midlands Knock-Out Cup, and continuing with the inaugural Gillette Cup in 1963, one-day cricket grew in popularity in England. In 1969 a national Sunday league was created. The first one-day international match was played on matchday five of a rain-suspended test match between England and Australia in Melbourne in 1971, to fill the time available and as compensation for the frustrated crowd. It was a game of forty laps with eight balls per lap.

The success and popularity of national one-day competitions in England and other parts of the world, as well as the first One-Day Internationals, led the ICC to consider staging a Cricket World Cup.

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