AFF Championship – Madam Pang

Madam Pang or Nualphan Lamsan also became the spotlight of netizens in the middle of the AFF Cup 2020.

This woman stole a lot of attention, especially when Thailand advanced to the final round against Indonesia. Madam Pang is the manager of the Thai national team who promised a bonus of 20 million baht (Rp 8.6 billion) for the players.

According to him, the bonus is given as a motivator for the players. In addition to the bonus money, Madam Pang is in the spotlight of netizens because of her beautiful face. He turned out to be a billionaire from Thailand who has various businesses. But the most influential is the Muang Thai Insurance company. His achievement as manager of the Thai national team was not obtained immediately because of the billionaire title.

He was chosen because he has experience in the world of football. Also Read: Goalkeeper Kawin Thamsatchanan Played in the Last Minutes as a Last Respect for Father Launching from the Bangkok Post, Madam Pang had previously been the manager of the Thailand women’s national team. During his tenure, the team also made it into the World Cup finals in 2015 and 2019. In addition, Lamsam is also known as the owner of the Thai League club, Port FC. Thanks to this ability, he was asked to become the manager of the Thai national team until now. Not only beautiful, Madam Pang is also known as a polite and loving person.

A photo showing his concern for the injured Chatchai Budprom goalkeeper has gone viral on social media. Lamsam was seen holding the shoulder of Chatchai who was crying against Vietnam in the second leg. As a result of the injury, Chatchai had to rest for 6 months and could not play for his club, BG Pathum United.

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