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Al Ain is the fourth largest city in the United Arab Emirates, with a population of over 600,000. It is also known as “the Garden City of the Gulf”, or as I liked to call it, Al Ain, the city of the seven oases.

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It is located in Abu Dhabi, right on the border with Oman, about 160 kilometers from Dubai. Literally, the name of the city means “The spring”, and it is located in an oasis area in the middle of the desert.

Al Ain has the highest temperatures in the whole country and is touched by the dry air of the desert. However, the city’s green boulevards, gardens and roundabouts are perfectly visible and give it the name “garden”. Al Ain has 75 parks and gardens, the first of which was built in 1969. These offer a wide variety of outdoor attractions for city residents and visitors.
Because buildings taller than four stories cannot be built, there are no buildings that overshadow these oases within the city. What a difference from neighboring Dubai, which never ceases to amaze us with its skyscrapers.

Al Ain has seven oases that use the underground irrigation system, “falaj”, through which water is extracted from boreholes to provide water for farms and irrigate palm trees. The largest is the oasis of Al Ain located south of the city center and the smallest is the oasis of Al Jahili. The others are the oases of Qattara, Al Mutaredh, Al Jimi, Al Muaiji and Hili.

The history of the city of Al Ain dates back seven millennia. The evidence of early human settlement in this area is only explained by the abundance of fresh water and palm trees in the area to support life. The oasis in which the city was built gave rise to date palm plantations and the irrigation system that we have mentioned.

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