Aliza Sehar Leaked Video 2023

Another Pakistani influencer has landed in a controversy over a leakedexplicit clip.This time its Aliza Sehar, who appeared in the top trending sections of social media sites.

Theleaked video clipof Aliza Sehar, famed for her lifestyle and cooking video, is doing rounds online with social media users shaming the culprits, and urging people to stop spreading the alleged intimate clip.

Aliza Sehar Leaked Video 2023

The alleged video, doing rounds online, shows Aliza on a video call, revealing herself for the other person, but apparently, the person on the other side was recording the video call and it ended up leaked online.

The veracity of the viral clip is yet to be confirmed independently.

As the video triggered different kinds of reactions, internet users claimed that Aliza committed suicide after her video got leaked online.

Who is Aliza Sehar?

Sehar amassed over a million followers on YouTube, and millions other on other social sites including TikTok.

Showbiz people and influencers often target of breach of privacy as their private videos and pictures often get leaked online.

We’ve all encountered instances of online bullying or known individuals who’ve fallen prey to it. A recent case revolves around Aliza Sehar, a prominentTikTokpersonality who, according to reports, tragically took her own life after a private video of hers was shared on the internet.

Let’s delve into the reasons behind her suicide. Aliza Sehar, the TikToker in question, has purportedly ended her own life.

Aliza Sehar

Aliza Sehar is a TikTok influencer with a substantial and dedicated fan base across various social media platforms, notably TikTok.

Leaked Video.

Her ordeal began when her personal videos and images were illicitly circulated on the internet. Among these, a particular video featured her engaging in inappropriate behavior, and it regrettably gained widespread attention online.


According to a recent tweet, it has been reported that the TikToker has taken her own life and is presently in critical condition at a hospital.

Identity of the Leaker

As of now, no concrete evidence has emerged to identify the individual responsible for leaking her private videos.

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