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Scrapping is called the act and the result of scrapping: disassembling, undoing, cutting or ruining something. The concept is also used to name the set of elements resulting from scrapping an object and the site where cars and other vehicles are scrapped.

For example: “My uncle is dedicated to the sale of scrap parts”, “The police discovered a scrap yard where stolen auto parts were sold”, “The neoliberal regime caused the scrapping of the country’s productive apparatus”.

The idea of ​​scrapping is usually used in relation to the dismantling of cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans and boats. Scrapping is the activity and the place where it is carried out. Scrapping can be legal (intended to reuse or dispose of certain components that are part of vehicles) or illegal (when stolen cars are disassembled to sell their parts).

It is important to establish that scrap yards have two clearly defined functions. On the one hand, they are in charge of dismantling what are the vehicles that are discarded by their owners, because they no longer work or because they are many years old. On the other hand, they become great places to find spare parts for cars, motorcycles, scooters or vans, for example, at much cheaper prices than in a workshop or an official parts house.

In Spain, the existence of scrapyards and even their operation is highly regulated. Hence, by law, the obligation of these places is established, not only to recycle the components that are possible, but also to remove the waste to the sites authorized for this purpose.

WhatsApp Groups for Scrap Yard

Scrap metal is a term that comes from the Basque word txatarra, which refers to “the old”. The first meaning mentioned in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) refers to the slag left by the iron ore.

waste or garbage
Slag is the material that releases hot iron when hammered. The concept is also linked to the substance from the part of the metals that is less pure, which remains floating in the furnaces during the smelting process.
scrap metal waste
Broadly speaking, scrap is the residue, what is useless

There are, however, other more common uses for scrap. This is the name given to scrap metal pieces and old or deteriorated appliances that do not work properly. Scrap metal, in this framework, is waste or garbage.
Beyond these definitions, it is important to mention that scrap from iron is used to produce steel. That is why scrap has value and generates a business: scrap dealers collect, store and acquire scrap, which they then sell wholesale for use.

Fast food
In the American continent, meanwhile, junk is used in apposition to indicate that what designates the noun to which it is associated is of poor quality. An example of this use appears in the idea of ​​junk food: foods with a high level of sugar, salt and/or fat and few nutritional components.

Junk food is usually prepared quickly (that’s why it is part of the so-called fast food) and stimulates both appetite and thirst, favoring the places that serve it. Its excessive consumption can cause health problems such as diabetes and obesity.

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