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The community had been waiting for him for a long time after those innocent words from Ibai Llanos about setting up a World Cup. Many unknowns flew around that idea and Gerard Piqué’s entry into the equation has been decisive, with the consequent formalization of the Balloon World Cup, the name that has finally received a competition promises to make history on Twitch.

With Port Aventura as the venue and the purple platform as the main attraction for the spectators, the Balloon World Cup promised excitement and prizes for both the participants and the winners. Ibai Llanos will be in charge of casting all the action of an event that is unprecedented and that will also present a red carpet full of famous names.

Ibai Llanos Pique Balloons

This is the bracket for the Balloon World Cup, the Balloon World Cup organized by Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué.
Peru champion of the 2021 World Globes

And the grand finale of the first World Balloon World Cup between Peru and Germany came five minutes away and with a car on the track, more insanity impossible. Or if?

Rafa Guerrero gave the starting whistle to the most important final of the year and soon took action to consult the “Eye of the Globe” and give the first point to Peru, which did not stop being cheered by the stands.

Not even 30 seconds had passed and the Andean team already dominated the game by two balloons to zero and the third came seconds later. Germany reacted and put their first balloon on the scoreboard that did not stop moving, as Francesco de la Cruz gave a point to Germany that cut distances 3-2 with two and a half minutes remaining in the final.

The public did not stop cheering on the Peruvian and he responded with a point to put an advantage of two over the German player, Jan Spieb.

The play of the night and of the year came in 5-2 from the Peruvian to the German, a play that lasted forever with a Spartan defense of the German against the attacks of the Peruvian, who then had to suffer the attacks of his opponent.

In the end 5-2 for the Peruvian at a point that will be remembered as one of the best in this tournament, in addition the players had to resort to a pause to catch some breath after tremendous effort.

In the absence of a minute, the game was already seen for sentence and Francesco De La Cruz took the match 6-2 and the German suffering in each attack by the South American.

Peru won the first World Globes against Germany in a great match.

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