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Join this WhatsApp Group to share and receive the best Best Home Improvement Ideas.

We will guide you and help you get your home in shape.

We will start with ideas to isolate your home from extreme heat or extreme cold. This is very important to create a confortable house for you and your family.

We will continue with ideas, brands and techniques to get the best windows for your house. Base on your country of residency, we will give you the best ideas to find and install the best windows. Windows are essential for your home design and isolation and they will play a key role in your house.

Then we will move to doors. Doors are key for isolation and security. We will share the best brands, as well as the best finishing for your door. The best brands for doors are very local and always base in your city. We will help you with the best advice we can give you to get your security door installed.

Now we can talk about floors and options for each room. Floors are a huge topic for your house and should be a big part of your house design process. There are three main options, wooden, stone and “other”. We will share with you all the options available for you to choose.

Walls are another “room by room” decision process. Bathrooms will have their own walls design, kitchen the same and the bedrooms and living room should have their own design and finishing.

There are more topics to discuss, but this is the service we will give you with this PREMIUM WhatsApp Group. You need to request your invite and we will help you in your project.

This is a premium WhatsApp Group you can join

We will ask for your location, name and house size in square meters.

Please, we want to give you amazing advice and service. So please do not send SPAM information. We want amazing home owners willing to get the best advice to renovate their house.

  • Sonia Villaseca is an Architect base in Madrid.
  • She worked with Zaha Hadid and Norman Foster in London.
  • Currently she is a partner at Estudio7Dos.

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