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What are the best places to travel in 2022? That’s the question Vogue posed to a group of hospitality experts, and their answers are quite literally varied. Some are classic destinations where new hotels have been opened, others are emerging areas that are about to become trendy tourist attractions. (Black Tomato, a travel agency known for offering extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime trips, has its sights set on Romania.)

Here are 8 ideas about the best places to travel, from a little-known Caribbean island, to a vibrant Mexican city, to the top of the world.

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Merida, Mexico

‘Mérida, Mexico, continues to go unnoticed, despite its proximity to incredible Mayan ruins and neon-blue cenotes. In addition, it has a unique culinary offer, ranging from perfectly fried churros in street carts, to the most refined versions of traditional dishes by chefs like Pedro Evia, whose restaurant, Kuuk, is one of the critics’ favorites. Look for some great lodging options, including rooms in sprawling historic estates and small, stylish apartments around the city. ‘


‘We have long admired the beautiful Caribbean island of Granada for its understated appeal, powdery shores and sensory stimulation upon arrival, where the sweet air smells of sea salt, nutmeg and mace. But now, more than ever, the enormous popularity of the Caribbean means that Grenada is poised to be “the hot spot” to visit, with much more to do than fly and flop on the beach. In addition, it is a 4 hour and 30 minute direct flight from New York. Miles of unobstructed beaches are juxtaposed with rich and unspoiled tropical forests that are ideal for intrepid experiences and opportunities for giving back. ‘

Easter Island

‘Due to its small and remote location, Easter Island has been closed for most of the COVID. For now, the plan is to reopen to visitors in February. 2022 also marks the 300th anniversary of when the island was ‘discovered’ for the first time by Europeans (1722). Nayara Hangaroa is the perfect starting point for exploring the island: from guided excursions to Taharoa to quad biking around the island, passing secret caves and remote beaches, to watching the sunrise over the moai. ‘


‘Transylvania, the birthplace of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (actually Vlad the Impaler), is steeped in an extraordinarily rich history and this year Romania is hosting its ninth UNESCO World Heritage site, the Roșia Montană Mining Landscape. The area has seen a recent surge in customer interest and Romania is, in fact, the most biogeographically diverse country in the European Union and one of the best places in Europe to observe wildlife, for those in the know. ‘

‘The newly opened Bethlen Estates, a luxurious and revived manor house, is the place to stay. The idea and vision of Gladys and Nikolaus Bethlen, wife and son of the late Count Miklos Bethlen, have made it their life’s work to keep their ancestral ties alive and help preserve the incredibly important biodiversity of the region. ‘


‘I think Antarctica will be a tourist destination in 2022. There are exciting new ways to explore the White Continent: Ponant and his new ship, Silversea’s Antarctica Bridge cruise ship, which overlooks the Drake Pass, and White Desert for the ground experience. There is an intact purity to the destination that makes it feel worlds away from the rest of life, not to mention a global pandemic, making travelers want to make the trip. ‘

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