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If there is a protection element that helps us safeguard our home, that is the front door. Whether a thief can access its interior with greater or lesser difficulty depends on its material, security devices and other variables.

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However, making the decision on how to choose a front door is not easy. We know that the market is very wide, and that it can be confusing when it comes to finding the most suitable one. Moreover, there are different variables that make some safer than others. And that in turn serve us to classify them.

Some of these variables are the price, the classification according to the Une 1627 Standard, the level of security, the type of housing or the type of squat or thief to which they are exposed. Analyzing each of these variables is not an easy task. For this reason, at Roconsa we accompany all our clients in this choice.

And, therefore, before issuing a quote, we analyze each one of them to determine what type of door is the most suitable according to the exposed needs.

That said, how about we explain how to choose a front door? Next, we will share some of the aspects that we advise our clients to consider in order to make the best choice.

Tips for choosing a secure front door

If we think in terms of security, it is essential to analyze each of the components that include the different doors that we can find on the market; from its internal structure to the type of lock they have.

For this reason, it is a decision that should be reflected upon and analyzed. And, as we said, there are different variables to take into account to choose one. But… What are they and what does each of them tell us?

Entry Door Price Ranges

If the price of the door is one of the aspects that most concerns you, you should know that this variable is directly linked to the security it provides.

Thus, we could say that the cheapest doors provide more basic security and those that range from €2,000 onwards are the ones that guarantee the highest level of protection.

Although it is then possible to scale the security level of a door by adding certain reinforcements and accessories, our prices can vary within the following ranges:

Entrance doors below €1,000. They are cheap Kits and doors that range from RC0 to RC3 (according to the UNE 1627 standard), in which safety is secondary. The armored doors of the economic series of Roconsa, protect under minimum security against petty thieves and opportunists looking for clues.
Doors between €700 and €2,000. The models included in this level offer standard security. Here we include doors from the home series ranging from RC3, RC4 Basic, RC4 Plus, RC4 Premium. At Roconsa we consider doors above the 400 models to be remarkably secure and with a minimum security of RC4 Plus, where more than 1 thief is already considered for opening tests above 15 minutes of resistance.
Doors from €1,500 to €3,000. At this point, the security provided by the doors can already be considered good or very good. The Vulcano and Olimpo models are the ones that guarantee the greatest protection in this price range. And, in general terms, they contemplate doors with security levels RC4 Plus, Premium and Gold.

Entrance doors from €2,500 to €5,000. If you are looking for high security against theft of goods, people or specific homes, we recommend investing within this price range for RC4 gold + RC5*, RC5 Platinium and Gold doors.

Models above €5,000. Lastly, to achieve exceptional security capable of resisting targeted and specialized attacks, you should look at our Premium series, with models of more than €5,000 such as Imperial or Goliat, designed to require large opening times.

Choose entrance or security door according to UNE 1627

And how to choose an exterior door according to the text of the UNE 1627 Standard? First of all, we remember that said regulation is the one that classifies the safety of doors in degrees or classes.

Each class corresponds to a security level, with class 1 being the least secure and class 6 being the most secure. In this sense, the least secure models are those that correspond to the categories below RC3 and RC4. While the highest range security doors are under the RC5 and RC6 grades.

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