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This Black Friday can be really crazy for Big Deals and discounts.

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Electronics is a very big category for this Black Friday.

Apple is not very popular doing black Friday deals, but you can browse for second hand and refurbish deals.

Forget about Playstation 5. It is sold out already. You can buy new models but at full price.

Sport Apparel

Adidas is a very popular brand doing huge discounts for their most popular shoes.

Also Nike is going to do huge discounts during this black friday.

If you want to get fit up this black friday is a very good moment to get all your goodies for your sports.

TV Screens

It is a holiday of American origin that is celebrated on the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving. During Black Friday, stores offer incredible discounts and deals that usually last a few hours or minutes.

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And why do they last for such a short time? Well, because they are flash offers with very discounted prices and with limited units. And because many people are waiting to get the best bargains.

Anyway, during these last years, the stores have been extending the days of offers and a new term has appeared: “Black Week”. Black week, which runs from the Monday before Black Friday to the following Monday, when Cyber ​​Monday is celebrated.


Write this day on your agenda: Black Friday 2021 is celebrated on Friday, November 26. As we said, many stores start their sales on Friday, November 19 or even earlier, to “warm up” the days before. And it is that what in principle was a day of offers has become the week of Black Friday offers: the “Black Week”.

If you do not arrive on time for the Black Friday offers, you have another chance, as many stores extend the promotional period throughout the weekend and also on the Monday immediately after Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday (November 29) is celebrated with sales and one-time discounts for a single day.

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I assure you that the bargains that we can get during those dates are stratospheric. It is worth anticipating Christmas purchases and gifts to get incredible savings and with the convenience of buying online without waiting in lines.

But … all that glitters is not gold, and of course, they will want to strain us with succulent discounts on products whose final price is not a bargain. But don’t worry, at SoydeChollos we will select the best real bargains for you. And we will do this, in part, because we also have a great list of products that we need to buy before Christmas taking advantage of the bargains of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

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As the list would be huge due to the large number of stores that join the Black Friday 2021 holiday, we are going to detail the most popular ones and then we offer you a more summarized list with other interesting stores.

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