Butonizzer alternative – WhatsApp Group

Buttonizer is a great tool to add WhatsApp links to your Website.

Buttonizer is very popular, but the pricing is just going higher and higher. Right now the free plans are limited to 5000 pages views per month.

Follow up with analytics

To track which buttons are of most interest, the Buttonizer can automatically set up Google Analytics event tracking to track clicks. No complications with Tag Manager. You will be able to see all the actions from the same analytics panel without having to configure anything in it or in TAG MANAGER.

Visual customization of floating buttons

And finally, you have many options to customize the appearance of the buttons to fit your site. You can change colors, use any Font Awesome icon, upload your own icons/images, etc.

Buttonizer Pricing Information

Buttonizer has a limited free version on WordPress.org which is a great way to get familiar with the plugin. You can use most types of buttons, but you will lose advanced features like page/time selection, trigger rules, and some other features. If you decide you want to grow Pro, Buttonizer offers you plans that give you one year of support/updates or plans that give you lifetime support and updates.

In conclusion

Buttonizer is a really versatile plugin that you can use in many different ways. If you have a business, you can use Buttonizer to help visitors contact you by phone, live chat, or email. And even if you only have a blog, you can use Buttonizer to share, promote your content, and much more.

Sure there are many more, but if what you want is a floating action button, Buttonizer is the most flexible and complete tool that I have found and that we are implementing in our pages. If you need help configuring the plugin, I can configure it for you. Just tell me exactly what you want and what features and I’ll have it ready for you in less than 24 hours on your website.

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