How Can I Check if I Have Been Blocked on WhatsApp?

Find Out Here! How to Check if Someone Has Blocked Me on WhatsApp

Well, Hi There! You have been wondering to know that you have been blocked by someone or it’s a misunderstanding. Let me solve your confusion by giving you different clues. Through which it might be easy for you to get rid of your confusion. Right now, many questions are shaking your mind, that how anyone can block others, or what’s the reason behind blocking.

Well! We can’t discuss the reason as everyone has its Reason to Block Someone on WhatsApp. But we can find out that you have been blocked or is there any other issue?

Things that let you know that You have Been Blocked By Someone is if you sent him/her a message it will show a grey tick mark which means that your message is being sent but unfortunately not delivered to that Person Who Blocked You on Whatsapp.

Being blocked by someone is somehow insulting as well as disturbing too. It’s the human psyche to become curious about things. If you are facing such a situation, then you must be curious that is that true or not, you have been blocked or it’s just a misunderstanding.

How Can I Check if I Have Been Blocked on WhatsApp

Let’s check out the way which helps you out in releasing your confusion. Still, many questions will be in your mind, the common question that is in your mind.

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However, WhatsApp has made it difficult for a person to know that others have blocked him or not. As its kept secret by the app but still you have got many ways to know that you are blocked by someone or not. If you block someone then you will be able to see the profile of that person but the person is unable to look at your profile. Now, let’s just know how you can block someone?

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You can block a person who is inappropriate in talking, saying rubbish, or is an unknown person who is not in your contact and is teasing you from such stupid things you can get rid of such annoying person in just a few seconds you just have to open the chat window there are three dots options, click on more here you will find block option

The person will be unable to contact you, as well as the other user, will be unable to see your profile, about or your status, but you can see the profile of the person being blocked by you. This is the difference in getting blocked or to block anyone.


  1. Open the WhatsApp app on your phone
  2. If you have a chat open, navigate back to the main Chats screen
  3. Select theSettingsicon at the bottom right of the screen, thenAccount, thenPrivacy, thenBlocked
  4. TapAdd Newand choose the contact you wish to block


  1. Open the WhatsApp app on your phone
  2. Tap themenu icon ⁝
  3. Go toSettings, thenAccount, thenPrivacy, then selectBlocked Contacts
  4. Tap the add contact icon – a small icon the shape of a person with a plus sign on the left
  5. A list will appear. Choose the contact you wish to block

Windows Phone:

  1. Open the WhatsApp app on your phone
  2. SelectMore(the three dot icon), thenSettings, thenContacts, thenBlocked contacts
  3. Select the plus icon at the bottom of the screen
  4. Select the contact you wish to block

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Yeah! You can also block someone who blocked you from WhatsApp, as it a default feature of WhatsApp. When you are blocked by someone you are unable to see the profile of that person, DP, about, or status as well. Well, before blocking confirm first that it’s just privacy or you have been blocked, as you can’t see last seen or online if a person has set privacy settings, you are not able to see whether the message you have sent is seen or not.

Whatsapp is an amazing app, if you feel you have been blocked then you also have the option to block that person because if you are blocked by the person, he/she can see your profile update can see your DP as well. So, if you want to stop the person seeing your profile you have got an option to block. By blocking that person will no more be able to have an eye on you.

Here, I am Going to Explain to You 5 Ways Which are

[su_highlight background=”#2cb51e” color=”#ffffff”]Best 5 Ways to Find out if You are Blocked on WhatsApp?[/su_highlight]

There are many ways through which you can confirm that your confusion was right or it was wrong. A few simple checks and all your confusions are gone. Have a look!

  1. You can’t be able to view profile picture
  2. Can’t see online or last seen
  3. You can’t watch their status
  4. You will find invite written in your contact list green box
  5. You will not be able to add them in any group chat

By these simple five ways, you will be able to know that you are blocked or is there any other issue as the other person has deleted its account, any connection problem, or the other person has un-save your number from the contact list, many possibilities may happen.

If you are not able to see last seen status or online then it’s not definite that you have been blocked, it can be the privacy setting of another person as he/she blocks his active status or last seen option. There is a possibility of this situation to happen.

If it’s urgent to contact that person to whom you want to convey your message, but blocked by the person? Let get the way to contact that person.

[su_highlight background=”#2cb51e” color=”#ffffff”]How to Send Message a Person Who Blocked You on WhatsApp?[/su_highlight]

Blocked! By someone, no worries you can still message him/her by following the way I am going to tell you, just follow up the steps and get your desire fulfilled. However, sending a message through WhatsApp when blocked is kind of impossible. The only way known to people is to meet that person face to face or to have a favor from another person, which can be insulting for a person to say that he/she has been blocked by someone. Get rid of some shameful experience as you can unblock yourself in three ways which I am going to explain to you for your ease.

[su_highlight background=”#2cb51e” color=”#ffffff”]Three methods to Send a Message when Get Blocked:[/su_highlight]

The three methods which can help you out in sending a message, when get blocked by someone without hurting your Ego. Surprised! Yeah, I am right, you can still send a message to the person. Let’s see how?

Method 1:
Let’s discuss method 1 first the most easiest and effective way to send your message. Blocked by someone on WhatsApp is insulting to some extent but no worries as no one knows that you have been blocked by someone. You just have to delete your account and make a new one. You must be confused that how you can delete your account just for one person don’t worry doing this, by deleting your account and a new one will unblock you from the one who blocked you. And making an account on the same number can’t make you lose your other numbers on WhatsApp.


  • Open your WhatsApp, go to the right corner you will see three dots
  • Click on them, go to Whatsapp setting
  • There is an option of delete account
  • Click delete account without any hesitation
  • After deleting your account, go back to the home screen
  • Open the WhatsApp again and create a new account
  • It will need only two things; number, country
  • By making a new account, send message to that person whom u think has blocked you
  • Simple you can see a double tick on your message as it has been delivered to the person.

How to Know If You've Been Blocked on Whatsapp

In this way you can send a message but still, some people say it’s not working for them as they remain blocked from that person. So relax if it doesn’t work the second method will surely help you out.

Now, let’s have a look at the second method.

Method 2:
The method 2 is you just have to ask a person who is a mutual friend of you and that person, request him/her to make a group chat. If he/she makes a new group you both were added by the third party will let you message to that person. Choose a trustworthy person who can sort out your problem.


  • Ask you another friend to create a group chat
  • In which the third party add both person
  • Then there the block one can talk to that person who blocked him/her.
  • The third-party can leave the group after creating and adding both of them
  • In doing so, a blocked person can talk to that person

By following the steps and instruction you can easily send a message to the person and can convince that person to unblock you. It can only be done by adding some third party in your mater so that he/she can help you sort out the issue, you can’t do this by yourself.

Method 3:
You can send a message to the one who blocked you by using clone ap. Make a clone of your WhatsApp on your android and you can send message to the person by the cloned one, it not work perfectly as it’s a clone and sometimes you stay blocked, just try it, hope your luck works and you be able to send message to the one who blocks you out from its WhatsApp. Let’s have a procedure to do all this:


  • First of all, you need to download and install a clone app
  • After downloading and installing the app open the app make a clone
  • Follow up the instruction app guides you
  • By making clone you can chat with anyone having the same WhatsApp but new
  • You can start a chat with the person who blocks you

Although the chances of success are low there are chances. Now, some question that strikes your mind is discussed below in the FAQS section.


[su_highlight background=”#2cb51e” color=”#ffffff”]How to Find out Who Blocked You?[/su_highlight]

If the person is in your chat window has no profile picture to see check the profile of that person, if still, you are unable to see profile then it means that you have been blocked by the person.

[su_highlight background=”#2cb51e” color=”#ffffff”]Can We See the Profile Picture When Blocked?[/su_highlight]

You will see the by default picture of that user as by blocking you will not be able to see the profile of that person.

[su_highlight background=”#2cb51e” color=”#ffffff”]Can I call a number on WhatsApp when I have been blocked?[/su_highlight]

You can’t call that person because of the app setting you will not be able to connect with that person, having a blur display picture.

[su_highlight background=”#2cb51e” color=”#ffffff”]Can I See About or Status After Being Blocked on WhatsApp?[/su_highlight]

No, if you are being blocked then you won’t be able to see about or status of that person. Anyhow if you block someone then you be able to see them about and status of that person.

[su_highlight background=”#2cb51e” color=”#ffffff”]If Someone Blocks Me on WhatsApp, How Can I Unblock?[/su_highlight]

Unfortunately, you can’t unblock yourself unless the person unblocks you otherwise the old fashioned way can help you out that you can plan a meet up with that person.

[su_highlight background=”#2cb51e” color=”#ffffff”]How to Know, Some Have Blocked Me, Uninstalled the App or Deleted the Account?[/su_highlight]

Three conditions can be possible.

  1. Uninstalled the app, if the user has uninstalled the app then your message will have a single tick which means that the message is not delivered to that person and he/she is unavailable. you can see the last profile picture and status updated before uninstall
  2. Deleted the account is like your message can’t be sent you can call. You cannot see him/her on WhatsApp as they delete their account. You can’t find them in your search bar of WhatsApp.
  3. Blocked you, if your messages are delivered to that person you can’t call him/her but you can search him her in your chat window.

These little differences will tell you that from which situation you are going through.

How to check If You've Been Blocked on Whatsapp

[su_highlight background=”#2cb51e” color=”#ffffff”]Can Block WhatsApp Contact see My Profile Pic?[/su_highlight]

If the person is blocked from your side then you can view its profile can see its Dp but if you have been blocked then you can’t see anything of that person’s profile.

[su_highlight background=”#2cb51e” color=”#ffffff”]Does one Tick on WhatsApp Mean Blocked?[/su_highlight]

No, it’s not definite that you have been blocked by that person. There is a possibility that the person has deleted its account or has uninstalled the app for some reason. One tick is a sign that your message is not delivered to that person to whom you have sent the message.

[su_highlight background=”#2cb51e” color=”#ffffff”]If Someone Has Blocked Your Phone Number, Can You Still Message Them on WhatsApp or Does WhatsApp Block it Also?[/su_highlight]

If someone has blocked your phone number it doesn’t mean that you have been blocked on WhatsApp too. You can still send him a message or can contact them on WhatsApp, As it is an internet-based app it is not connected to your text messages.

[su_highlight background=”#2cb51e” color=”#ffffff”]If Someone Has Blocked Me on WhatsApp Will they Receive My Text Messages or Regular Phone calls?[/su_highlight]

Yup, they can receive your regular message or phone calls if the person hasn’t blocked you throughout. You can send them a simple text message if they block you out on WhatsApp.

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