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Our specialty in cakes?

Themed and personalized cakes without fondant.

If you are looking for a cake for a special occasion or to surprise someone with a beautiful, unique and personalized detail, we can help you!

You can pick up your order directly at our workshop at the agreed time, or you can request home delivery.

How are our cakes?

Interior: 5-6 layers of soft and spongy sponge cake filled with layers of flavored creams to choose from our flavor menu.
Exterior: covered in cream (we do not cover cakes in fondant) decorated according to the chosen theme and design. Decoration: we use different resources depending on the design such as: fondant, edible paper, macarons, flowers, fruits… Always depending on the project. The cakes are 100% themed and personalized.

How are our cakes made?

They are completely handmade in our workshop located in Mendez Alvaro in Madrid. We design your cake; You just have to tell us the theme and we get down to work. We can exchange photos of designs you like to have a clear design line, but we do not copy cakes.

How to order a custom cake?

Incoming calls are blocked since our work is with our hands and it is difficult for us to answer at the moment, additionally, we prefer to have all the details of your orders in writing so as not to have any errors.
How far in advance should I make an order?

Minimum one week in advance, keep in mind that we are workshop, shop and school, therefore our availability is limited. Once we reach the maximum quota of cakes, we close the agenda for that day, therefore, we invite you to place your order as far in advance as possible.

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