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Has it been part of your wishes to know how to design arabic calligraphy? Yes?? Join Haneefah, as she effortlessly teaches you how to design arabic calligraphy with your smartphone for free Clink on the link below to enroll.

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Explore the ancient Arabic writing style of the city of Kufa, writing a short text with traditional artistic practices

Kufic-style Arabic calligraphy was born during the Golden Age of Islam. The beauty, harmony and consistency of the forms are some of its main characteristics. Although this writing has been disappearing over the years, the artist Joumana Medlej keeps it alive with practice and the teaching of her ancient techniques.

In the course, you will travel back in time to discover the beauty and mystery of Arabic characters. You will learn to write inspiring messages in this traditional style and decorate them with colors and signs.

In the second unit, we will show you the tools and paper needed for the course. You will practice some warm-up exercises and you will see the basic strokes and shapes that are used to create any letter.

With the guidance of your teacher, you will enter the world of Kufic writing and learn the complete alphabet and the spacing and lengthening rules. You will study its grammar and observe how the letters change when combined. In addition, you will discover how you can develop your memory with the practice of this calligraphy.

Next, you will start your project by defining the surface of your page, which will serve as a guide. You will decide the message you want to convey through your writing and write the letters in pencil. When you finish making the sketch, you will go over the letters with ink.

Finally, you will study the different functions of diacritical marks, special characters that give letters a sound or meaning value and that can add attractive and colorful details. With punctuation and vocalization marks, also called ḥarakāt, you will add the finishing touch to your project. Joumana will end the course by showing you other artistic approaches and different ways to explore Kufic art.

What is the course project?

Using traditional Kufic calligraphy, you will create a page with a quote that includes letters, punctuation, and drawings.

Who is this online course for?

To anyone interested in Arabic calligraphy and writing. This course is also perfect for those who want to do a meditative activity rich in history and culture.

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