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How can I meet locals in Dubai?

What better way to learn more about life in a city that in less than half a century went from being a small fishing village to becoming a megapolis, than talking to its inhabitants? The Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding hosts weekly sessions to learn more about local culture and traditions for both genders, including an open-ended question-and-answer session where you can ask anything you want. Meet the Locals offers lunch get-togethers with people from all over the Emirates. Another option is ExpatWoman, a long-standing local group with a huge database and interactive forum. Tinder exists, and it’s incredibly popular; There are also other dating apps available for download.

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What are ‘ladies’ nights’?

One of the advantages of being a female tourist in Dubai is the almost infinite offer of ladies’ nights or ‘girls’ nights’. It used to be reduced to one or two free drinks on Tuesday nights – a clever marketing strategy when the city’s drink crowd was mostly male – but today ladies’ nights are an institution in Dubai and are held every night of the week at venues across the city. They range from free or reduced admission at beach clubs to free cocktails at bars and half-price dinners at some of the city’s best restaurants; so following the ladies’ nights offer allows you to cut down on spending on what would otherwise be a very expensive night out.

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Can I stay in a hotel with my partner without being married?

Despite the fact that in Dubai thousands of unmarried couples cohabit without problem – presumably sharing a bed as well as a postal address – sexual relations outside of marriage are illegal and punishable by jail; and possibly with deportation. This law seems to fall into the category of “If nobody is bothered, nothing happens”; however, if someone makes a complaint that the traveler is cohabitating with someone of the opposite sex – whether it’s by booking a shared hotel room with a fellow traveler or inviting someone she’s met at a nightspot – she could be in trouble. . Hotels often ask for full passport details from their guests during check-in, but this is usually for security purposes and not to find out if guests are engaging in premarital sex.

As for contraceptives, you can buy condoms in supermarkets, pharmacies and gas stations, but the morning after pill is illegal. All doctors in the United Arab Emirates are required by law to report single women who become pregnant. If the traveler believes that she may be pregnant, it is better that she wait to go to the doctor when she returns to her country.

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