Email or WhatsApp? WhatsApp Group for WhatsApp Developers

If you are a WhatsApp Developer, this is the group you need

Why you should be moving to WhatsApp and WhatsApp API?

Emails no longer reach users

We’re willing to bet you have a long list of promotional emails that you haven’t (and won’t) read. It happens to all of us: we subscribe once to a newsletter and then commit to a company for months. However, email marketing is still a powerful tool, but not when you want an assured result or have invested time and effort in crafting a great offer. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get savvy and turn to messaging channels as the new way to connect with your audience. We have done the work and compiled some of the challenges, and how to turn them into opportunities:

People prefer messaging, but companies aren’t prepared

If the numbers are anything to go by, 75% of adults surveyed in 2020 (Business Messaging Research Study, September 2020) said they preferred to communicate with a company via messaging. And that number is only increasing as the years go by. When you adopt a conversational mindset, you base your experiences on two-way conversations that connect users to your business. Moreover, the ability to automate conversations is an advantage that sets messaging apps apart from other communication channels.

It’s impossible to provide a smooth email and SMS experience

When email and SMS communication can take days, there is a real possibility that users will abandon and look for an alternative that facilitates their experience. Automations and live chat are the solution to this problem. Now you can harness the full power of communications and improve user engagement. Spoiler: even if you have multiple messaging apps, you can manage all your conversations from one place.

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