Express Pharmacy Nigeria WhatsApp Group

Express Pharmacy is a chain of pharmacies in Nigeria where you can get all your prescriptions

Locations for Express PHARMACY

🏥 172 Akerele Str, Surulere
🏥 223 Agege Motor Rd, Mushin
🏥 8, Suwebatu Ajala Str Oshodi
🏥 46, Awolowo way, Ikeja
🏥 2, Jimoh Balogun str. Ikosi-Ketu

What Express Pharmacy is doing…

  • Providing healthcare and medication to the low and middle income communities of Lagos, Nigeria.
  • The clinics provide free medical consultations. This ensures that people can go for medical consultations without the fear of affordability.
  • Express’ goal is to rid the city of Lagos of the plight of fake medications being sold on the pretence of cheaper authentic medication.

Join this WhatsApp Group for bookings, advice and general advice.

  • If you are not from Nigeria you will be remove immediately.
  • Any message not related to healthcare in Nigeria will be report and deleted immediately.
  • Please do not Spam. We want to help with good advice for healthcare.

Pharmacist on Twitter WhatsApp Group

It belongs solely to the group’s twitter of pharmacists. Whether he belongs to any party, party or organization, it does not matter that he is a pharmacist, this is his identity. We wish them all the best in whatever field they wish to pursue. Twitter is an excellent and powerful tool in today’s time that can communicate directly with the government and the administration. Therefore, every person who is associated with this group can also give their support and best wishes by just liking the post of their siblings. Promotion of your friend siblings is not promotion of any organization or party.
I will also request that everyone share the same post on their twitter here, which people should agree with you, not a contradiction.
So take special care, create a twitter account, connect yourself and add others. Joint effort is the key to success because there is power in unity only.

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