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First let´s clarify what is FingerBoard. FingerBoard is a “sport” or “hobby” where you play with a skate and your fingers. Is a SkateBoard but at a really small scale. Normally a FingerBoard skate will measure something like 10 centimetres.

This small skateboards are then use with your fingers to perform tricks in your table or, if you want, you can build your own “mini stake park”.

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Who is playing with FingerBoards?

This is a global trend. You can find users everywhere in the world. US, Canada, Australia, Europe… you name it.

What are the most popular FingerBoard brands?

  • Tech Deck Fingerboard – USA
  • Southboards Zebra Finger Skateboard. Canada
  • Pizzies Professional Wood Mini Skateboard
  • P-REP Complete Wooden Fingerboard
  • Berlin Wood – Professional FingerBoard – We love this one.
  • Black River – This is a store but they also produced their own models.

How much cost a FingerBoard?

The price can range from 10$ to 100$.

The price is base in the quality of the wood and parts.

Are there any championships for FingerBoards?

Yes, the community and the event is called “FAST FINGER“.

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