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A user of our community has develop an amazing bot that can download books from kindle for free. You can access all the books available or you can request a title and the book will be deliver to you.

More than 1 million books available for free

Even so, there are around a million books in a catalog that is receiving news and growing. Another feature of this service is that you can not only read on Kindle devices that you have registered in your name.

Best Sellers and Category rankings are based on the customer activity (sales and loans) of your book relative to other books. The book that ranks #1 in Mystery & Thriller will be the best-selling book in Amazon’s Mystery & Thriller category. Books can appear in up to three categories. The book’s ranking in each category is displayed in the Product Details section on your book’s detail page. Activities that do not accurately reflect customer demand, such as canceled orders, are not considered in the sales ranking.

Rankings are updated every hour, but may take 24-48 hours to update. Rankings reflect both recent and oldest activity, although the former carries more weight than the latter. Rankings are relative; therefore, your sales ranking may be different even if your activity level remains the same. For example, a book may maintain its activity level but its ranking could improve if the activity of other books decreases, or worse if the activity of other books increases.

When we calculate a Best Seller rank, we take into account a book’s entire history of activity. Looking at your book’s Amazon sales rank is useful for understanding the overall effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and other initiatives, but it’s not an exact method of understanding your book’s activity or comparing it to books in other categories.

The rank of books that have very consistent activity histories and have been available on Amazon for a long time fluctuates less than the rank of books that are new or have an unstable history. A sale of a very popular book may not influence your ranking. However, in a book with lower sales volume, you can improve it significantly.

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