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Tarot consultation by whatsapp

I am Elena Ocaña, a seer by birth and Master of the Tarot and I want to help you and that you can contact me whenever you need it, without barriers or impediments. In the fastest and most comfortable way that technology can allow you today. That is why I have activated a Tarot consultation service by Whatsapp designed to resolve those specific doubts in the fastest, cheapest and most comfortable way possible.

In the Tarot consultation by Whatsapp I put myself at your disposal with a perfect instant messaging service so that you can ask me a very specific question and, thus, I can activate my natural gift and give you the answers that the cosmos has for you.

How is clairvoyance on WhatsApp?

Whatsapp has become one of the most popular and used communication methods in the world. In fact, WhatsApp is currently replacing phone calls on many occasions thanks to its immediacy and its many communication possibilities.

To make a clairvoyance query through this channel, you must take into account that the payment method is as follows: for each question you ask me, you will be charged €3. A very affordable price that will help you solve your doubts and calm your worries very quickly.

When I receive your question on Whatsapp, I will activate my innate gift, I will connect with my inner energy and I will be able to visualize what the world has in store for you. In addition to being a clairvoyant, during my life I trained as a tarot reader to be able to interpret some cosmic messages that could be more abstract. Now, I put at your disposal my gift of clairvoyance with my extensive knowledge of the Tarot so that you can understand what the universe has for you.

Is it safe and fast?

Totally. I offer you Tarot consultations that are 100% secure and that guarantee maximum discretion. I offer you serious and professional consultations. My gift of clairvoyance is very powerful and allows me not only to know what your life will be like in a generic way, but also to know very specific dates and data about your future.

I learned all this from my mother and grandmother, since both of them were also natural seers. Everything I know, I know thanks to them and, therefore, I offer you very deep sessions in which we can talk about all the topics that interest you: love, work, family, money, health… whatever you need to know!

Do not hesitate and contact me by whatsapp

Best Consultation Method

  1. Horoscope reading
  2. Negative energy removal
  3. Corrections of birth timing
  4. Making of horoscope

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Services consultation:

Horoscope reading
Making of horoscope
Corrections of birth timing
Negative energy removal
Vastu Consultation
Palm reading
Career consultation
Match making
Health or wealth issues solutions
Gem stone Suggestion

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