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Fresh milk is not the same as raw

Do you know the differences between raw milk and so-called fresh milk or milk of the day? Because although both products may seem similar, the treatment they follow is very different. And although in the case of raw milk its sale is not allowed, both concepts are confused on more than one occasion. So today at La Cocina de Alimerka we clear up the doubts so that you know what their differences are and we also talk about some issues around the consumption of milk, so that if you are a lover of this product, you can enjoy it without any doubt. .

Raw milk, fashionable milk is not without certain risks

It sure sounds familiar! This past summer it seemed that raw milk would be available in the market for direct sale to the consumer. However, the measure was paralyzed, among other reasons, because the scientific community warned of the possible risks that its consumption could pose to health if it was not given adequate treatment. And it is that raw milk, that is, freshly milked milk that is not subjected to heat treatment or if it is subjected, does not exceed 40 degrees, being insufficient as a measure to eliminate pathogenic bacteria. And although this milk is not currently marketed, on many occasions it is confused with fresh milk, which, unlike raw milk, is a highly safe product.

Fresh milk, with all the flavor of milk and without risks

Have you noticed that the refrigerated dairy section also has milk? It is the so-called fresh milk, also known as sanitized or pasteurized milk. And unlike raw milk, this milk has undergone pasteurization. A mild heat treatment that guarantees the destruction of pathogenic bacteria, maintaining all the physical, chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the food. And despite popular belief, did you know that fresh milk can last up to three weeks in the fridge? And it is that advances in pasteurization treatments have managed to greatly extend the useful life of these foods. A real advantage for lovers of milk with a more intense flavor! And if despite liking milk, you have doubts about whether its consumption is good for your health, then we will tell you how things are in nutrition about this product.

Is milk bad? Can you be well fed without taking it?

According to the different studies related to the effect of milk on health, it is not possible to affirm that the consumption of milk has unwanted effects. In fact, the Spanish Society of Community Nutrition (SENC), advises a consumption of two to three daily servings of milk and / or derivatives. That is, if you like to take it, the experts indicate that there is no reason why you should not continue doing it, always within the recommendations, and if you prefer to opt for other alternatives, it will be enough to pay attention that the calcium intake is necessary.

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