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WhatsApp groups are an extraordinary thing. They are a super basic resource to organize any event or project that requires the attention of several people. If used well, they can help you in your business, both for internal organization and for contact with customers. Here is the interesting part, how to manage WhatsApp groups so that they become your allies and not your worst nightmare? Fear not, here are some tips.

We’ll start with the most basic things, because we don’t want to leave anyone out. If you already know a little more about WhatsApp groups, you may want to skip the first section.

Good practices in creating a group in groupsor

Obviously the first thing is to create the group. This is very easy to do. From the application, click on the icon to compose a new message and select the “Create group” option.

Now add only the necessary people in the group. The selection criteria will depend on the purpose of the chat. Remember that the number of members is limited to 256 people. Click “Next” in the upper right corner.

Assign an appropriate name to the group. This title must be simple and direct so that the reason for being of the group is clear. We recommend that you include an image for the conversation. It may well be your company logo or if you are dealing with an internal matter, it may be an image alluding to your work team. Click accept to continue.

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From privacy settings in groupsor

WhatsApp allows you to restrict who can add you to a group. As this data is relevant regardless of the role you play, we explain how to modify these limits. Open the app and go to Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Groups. There you will have three options: All, My contacts, My contacts, except…

If you want to add someone, but they do not appear among your options, it may be that they do not have you in their agenda or that they have particularly restricted your contact. Whatever the case, you can still resort to the following:

You can create a group link to join and send it to the person of interest by private message. To create a link, open the group chat and click on the name. Scroll down and you will see the “Group Invite Link” option. Once you click you will see that you have three options to share the link. Select the one that best suits you.

Try to share the link only with the people you want to be part of the conversation. However, you will also find that you can terminate the invite link at any time.

Some features that help give a bit of order to manage WhatsApp groups. The first is the description of the group. Use this space to add a little more important information, like a link to a shared folder or team session or data that they frequently need at hand.

A super useful recommendation is to set ground rules for the group. So that everyone can see them once they enter the conversation, you can send a message with these rules and make it a featured message.

Group Description groupsor

The search function is also useful for quickly finding a message. To use it, open the chat and click on the name. Among the first options that appear below the description you will see “Search in chat. Click on it and then you can search by text within the conversation. When you insert a term, WhatsApp will highlight the word in each message that contains it.

Similarly, you can also check the multimedia messages contained in the chat. The route is basically the same, only this time you can search for Documents, Images and Links.

One of the novelties to manage WhatsApp groups is the video call. Initially, WhatsApp only allowed this mode one by one. Now you can have a video call with up to 8 participants at the same time. It might not be a feature you’re going to use a lot, but it’s good to know about it just in case. To start a video call you just have to click on the video camera icon in the upper right corner of the chat window.

From the figure of Administrator groupsor

In WhatsApp, whoever creates a group automatically becomes an administrator. This means that he is the one who has access to all the “privileges” within that chat.

Thus, this first person can also assign another member as an administrator. This step is reversible, that is, you can remove someone from this position without removing them from the group. This is possible from Group Settings >> Designate admins. of the group.

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