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Hair Transplant in Paris, France

Hair Transplant in Ciudad Real (Spain)

In Ciudad Real, Spain, you can start your free consultation to get your hair transplanted. From 60€ / month.

Best clinics in Turkey for Hair Transplant


Dr. Oguz Kayiran, head of Capilclinic Turkey, has more than 10 years of experience in plastic surgery and cosmetic reconstructive surgery, with a long history in leading hospitals in Turkey and as the author of scientific research. Capilclinic Turkey offers a package specially designed for the Spanish public, which includes transfer from the airport, accommodation, simultaneous translation service, personalized treatment and pre- and post-operative follow-up. Among its innovative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, the DHI (“Direct Hair Implantation”), FUE and “Min Time FUE” techniques stand out, exclusive to Capilclinic, a method that allows higher quality of the follicles and achieves better results.

Doctor T Hair DRT Hair Transplant Clinics

This clinic was founded in 1998, specialized in hair transplantation and directed by Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu, with offices in Istanbul and Cyprus. It is one of the three Turkish clinics best valued by patients who have come to solve their alopecia. Its success is due to the constant updating in the training of its professionals and the available equipment. Among its innovative technology, the Sapphire Premade Slit (SPS) method stands out, which uses a 0.8 to 1 millimeter sapphire blade to make the hair graft incisions, which allows each follicle to be transplanted with a density 30% higher than that used with other techniques. The clinic has the certificate of the Joint Commission International -which certifies compliance with regulations, safety and quality of health facilities- and is one of the pioneers in international training in hair grafting for national and international professionals.

Doctor Muttalip Keser Clinic

The clinic run by Dr. Abdul Muttalip Keser is one of the most reputable clinics in Ankara, with over 10 years of experience using the manual FUE technique. His personalized study of each patient allows a design according to the features and the density of the rest of the hair, which achieves a natural effect. Dr. Keser has popularized his own method: he cuts the hair as close as possible with a 0.7-0.9 millimeter diameter punch, patented and exclusive to this clinic, which allows high transplant densities: 60 to 80 grafts per square centimeter. The peculiarity of his method consists in multiplying sessions to relieve patient fatigue: from 600 to 800 grafts by FUE in each session, which is about 2,000 grafts in three sessions or 3,000 in five sessions, with intervals of two days between each session. The package for international patients includes transfers, accommodation, translator and post-operative follow-up.

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