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Jan 12–29HandballWorld Championships (men)Poland and Sweden

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Host Cities for this World Championship.

Poland and Sweden will host the 28th World Men’s Handball Championship. Event will take place in 4 polish cities and 5 cities in Sweden: Malmo, Stockholm, Jonkoping, Gothenburg and Kristianstad. Become the part of the history, visit host cities and enjoy World Championship live!

Poland Host Cities

  • Katowice, as the capital of a voivodeship with a population of nearly 5 million inhabitants and the first metropolis in Poland, is a dynamically developing city.
  • Mazowsze lies in the heart of Poland and is the largest, in terms of area, and the most populous region of all Polish voivodships. 
  • Malopolska is a beating heart of Poland – historically, culturally and economically. 
  • Silesian Voivodeship: In relation to economy, over 13% of Poland’s gross domestic product (GDP) is generated here, making the one of the wealthiest provinces in the country.
  • Gdansk is a unique city with over 1000 years of tradition.
  • Krakow is a city with a thousand-year-old history. The former seat of the Polish kings and the capital of the country, nowadays is an important European metropolis.
  • In Plock, history meets modernity. At every step you can find traces of the millennial history of the city, permanently intertwined with the history of Poland. 
  • Katowice, as the capital of a voivodeship with a population of nearly 5 million inhabitants and the first metropolis in Poland.

Sweeden Host Cities

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Groups and countries

Group A (Krakow)Group B (Katowice)Group C (Göteborg)Group D (Kristianstad)Group E (Katowice)Group F
Group G (Jönköping)Group H (Malmö)
 Poland (Host)
 Saudi Arabia
 Sweden (Host)
 Cape Verde
 South Korea
 North Macedonia
 United States

Favorites for the FIFA World Cup 2023

Of the 32 combinations that will form part of this World Handball tournament, three are the big favorites in all predictions to win the gold medal:

The given team has won the last World Cups and counts in its ranks with several of the best players in the world. He is the favorite in all the predictions to take his third World Cup because all the matches that have been contested in the last two World Cups have ended with victories. Veinte parties y veinte victorias.

In three of the last four championships of the world have won the medal, therefore they are among the candidates to lift with the gold. Will Volverán win his seventh title? The majority of its players are in elite clubs such as PSG, Barcelona or HBC.

The «Hispanos» are always in the fight for the medals, in fact they have touched metal in 4 of the last 11 mundiales. In addition, in Egypt 2021 were bronze. Will you be able to lift your second world title ten years later?

Tips for shooting in the world of football

A World Cup is always a good moment to make your forecast and try to increase your bank. Therefore we advise you to follow the following forecasts:

Bet to the winner

In the 21st century, the World Cup has always been won by a European team, so betting that a selection of older content will lead to the tournament can be a more appreciable bet. In fact, decantarse por France may have more value in your forecast since it has won 45% of the Mundiales that have been contested since the year 2000 and has achieved medals in 72% of its participations.

Who will win the handball world championship 2023?

1. France

2. Sweden

3. Romania

4. Other

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