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Roofers help protect houses and buildings from external influences such as rainwater, wind or heat. In this article you will learn everything about the profession of roofer. From roofer training to salary and career opportunities. We will also show you which qualifications and skills you should bring with you for training and professional life.

What do roofers do?

Over 60,000 employees in more than 15,000 companies nationwide take care of the tasks that arise on USA’s roofs every day. Whether flat roof covering or renovation in the attic – everyday work as a roofer is varied and varied.

This is due to the diverse areas of responsibility of roofers. They clad roof and wall surfaces with bricks, stones or other materials, construct roof structures and carry out waterproofing on the roof, balcony or terrace. In addition, they install photovoltaic systems, snow guard systems or bring more light into the upper floor with skylights.

History and future of roofing in the USA

In the 15th century, the craft of roofing experienced a fundamental change throughout Europe. With new shapes, materials and technologies, roofing became more and more varied and brought new challenges.

In times of industrialization, building was fundamentally heavy and bulky, but now lightweight construction dominates the modern roofs of Europe and the world. Although today many roofs are based on a uniform basic structure, they differ greatly in their almost limitless selection of shape, design or material.

But even in times of change there has always been one constant: the professionally trained roofers who go about their craft at ever greater heights. And also in future times, when the trend tends towards more creativity and less prefabricated construction, qualified specialists will be essential.

About the roofer training in the USA

The structure of the roofer training takes place both in the training company and in the vocational school. Traditionally, in the trade, one speaks of an apprentice. Typical training content in the roofer apprenticeship is, for example, the covering of roof/wall surfaces or the planning of work processes.

From the second year of apprenticeship, the trainees usually have the opportunity to deepen their skills in compulsory elective courses. Specialization is possible in the areas of sealing technology, exterior wall cladding technology, roofing technology, energy technology or thatched roof technology.

Prerequisites and school leaving certificate

Apprentices do not officially have to have a specific school-leaving certificate. Young people under the age of 18 only have to be able to present a medical certificate for an initial examination. The majority of companies fill the training places primarily with young people who have a secondary school leaving certificate. Characteristic of roofers is a preference for the school subject handicrafts. In addition, an affinity with subjects such as mathematics (for calculations on the construction site) and physics (to understand building physics conditions) is an advantage.

For the training you should have a certain level of manual dexterity, good hand-eye coordination and a generally good physical physique, for example to carry building materials. You should also have good spatial orientation and sure-footedness. It is important that these skills are also mastered at great heights. For this reason, prospective roofers should be free from giddiness. If you are also a team player, you can gain a foothold in the roofing industry.

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