How to Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link?

Whatsapp is the number 1 trending app in social networking applications. we can easily use this application on any smartphone. You can Create Whatsapp Groups and Invites other peoples to these groups for this you have to create WhatsApp group invite links.

In the group, you can add members in groups but the big problem is only the admin can add members to group no everyone. For admin to add other members to the group first he has to save their contact in his phone then he can add them to group which is very hard for him/her to do that. To solve this problem i will share with you a guide which can help you to add members in the group.

Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link

As you want to add members in new Group on Whatsapp you need to follow few simple steps to get is done.

  • First Open the “WhatsApp” application on your smartphone
  • Now open the Group Chat conversation
  • Press the “Three Dotted” menu button at the top right side of the screen
  • Tap on the “Group Info” option. (also make sure before creating group invite link you must be admin of the group)
  • Now click on “Add Participant…” option then click on the “Invite to the group via link” option

Once you tap the option, you can see four options

Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link Img1
Create Whatsapp Group Invite Link Img2
  1. Send Link via WhatsApp – Share the generated link via Whatsapp to your contacts.
  2. Copy Link – It copies the link to the clipboard to be shared via different apps.
  3. Share Link – Opens the list of apps using which you can share this link.
  4. Revoke link – In case you decide to stop people from using your link to join the group then use this option. This will make the generated link invalid and creates a new one.

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How To Create a Whatsapp Group?

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